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Steering Wheel Is Shaken When Running At High Speed & Thorough Remedy

Steering Wheel Is Shaken When Running At High Speed & Thorough Remedy

Car manufacturers as well as service centers of car manufacturers recommend that after 6 months or every 10,000 km, it is advisable to go for dynamic balancing, rolling tires and adjusting engine block once. Yes.

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Hello everyone, do you know that this KIA Cerato has a very nice feature that very few cars have? It is self-driving, automatically here now I release my hand, it will drive itself to the left, if you want to drive to the right, you must use your hands, if you want to drive to the left, just release it, it will tilt to the left and then you go back. correction. Just kidding, why is this car like this? In fact, when you use the car for a while, there will be a lot of cars it is slightly skewed steering angle a bit, that's why people born a service is to adjust the precision of the car. Even before the factory is out, we need to adjust the precision so that when we go fast we release our hands to the car it must be straight, not like this car, this car I have to adjust a little bit rather it is crooked. Many cars are so crooked that I have to squeeze the steering wheel or it will shift to one side. So today I will introduce you to a service that will adjust the steering wheel so that it is standard, adjust the precision of the car. This is important for those who are especially used cars, you should find out, I do not force you to go to the tune because there are cars with, there are cars do not, but should learn to when you can ride safety as well as saving. Because if it's that way, it will cost you gas, you know. Now I will take you to a place where my friend is most famous for the precision tuning array of the car, the most famous one in Vietnam. Establishment of prestige always, tell everyone you know, it is Mr. Ha Hunter, the address I am going to, it is located at 18 Thanh Thai Street, the facility is named Nhat Phat. I'm going there!

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Hey Mr. Ha, my car is going away now, its hand is released, it's a bit inclined, even there are cars that I test that I have to grip the steering wheel is not it turns, so where is it and how long I have to do it once on a precision calibration like that? The car ran on the road, the driver sometimes rushed into the pothole, sometimes climbed up the dividing line to park, sometimes ran the highway into the abutment abutment to keep the bridge and the road. it gradually took place the process it was very gradual, it made the car deviate from an angle of precision. Yes. Well, the pinch angle is just one of several angles, like the Camber angle and the Caster corner, but here people are often called the pinch angle. Yes, familiar mouth. Or like a HUNTER pinch. Like that, yes. Car manufacturers, as well as service centers of car manufacturers, recommend that after 6 months or every 10,000 km, it is advisable to go to dynamic balancing, turning tires and adjusting cyclones once. Yes.

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But is there a so-called exact rule about how much the slant should be checked or if I'm just like that and I feel inclined, for example if I go for 2 months for example, but unfortunately I bump into something that I did not notice and I feel it is not balanced as it should have done it, bro? This I will divide into two types of cases, the first case is as you have just said it is that we do it periodically like maintenance periodically to the kilometer that we have to change the oil, change the oil filter , we have to check for cool water. Well, the alignment of this engine is also like that. And the second case is abnormal, meaning that after one day I went, I unfortunately I went, I bumped into a stool like something, or collapsed into a big pothole that I felt different right away. meaning I feel like driving it is not as reliable as usual anymore, it feels uncomfortable, it does not really drive then I should check immediately.

So, suppose the situation is like this, assuming that the situation itself is even going for a year without coming to check, what is the case? Through the process of doing this profession of balancing the wheel, I've met many customers who complain why I see the car it is still running, everyday I go to work normally. and where did he stumble, why did his tire look like this? Yesterday, when I went out to the store to repair my tire, the tire mechanic was told that his tire had been all flat and that he had to change it. It is clear that the time km I have not run much (not much, that is skewed). It means that the process of distortion is so gradual that the driver does not perceive it clearly, and ignores one. Then when I saw that the tires were parrots or ... everything, Hung Hung imagined that when the corners were not right, each wheel went in one direction, each wheel went in one direction, it means the limbs details of the suspension it also reduces significantly.

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Oh yeah, that is even dangerous, because if the tire is parried on one side, the face that touches it less, the face that touches it less, the friction is less, Is that dangerous, bro? It is very dangerous, especially when there are cases where the angle of camber is big, we go to the back or look at the front of the car, we will see that the tire has a sponge inside to look at it. ate all down to the ground, but there was half a tire and outside it almost didn't touch the ground. Still true, dangerous, very very dangerous, so that is probably to advise you to go to the regular period is not corrected anything but check with the naked eye, but if it feels cold See that something should be checked immediately. Not dangerous, dangerous here is the first is life-threatening, the second is also costly brother? Parrot tires like that must be broken. When it comes out, when the steering angle is big, then the cost to change the tire, to repair, to replace the undercarriage, then it will be a lot bigger than the whole one. cost for periodic maintenance. And most importantly what does routine maintenance mean? That is when your vehicle is always inspected by the evil screws and the details of the suspension system, and must ensure that they meet the standards for operation. Because if I were to walk in this street, I wouldn't be able to feel it, but if I had to go on the road or on the highway, I realized that it was the faults about the difference in wheel balance. This car is extremely uncomfortable, and makes the driver feel insecure. Unsafe, I myself have had such a case, so I have to edit it right away, this is very sincere advice for everyone. Every month it is just like what it is, durable in your brother? No matter what item it is, every day is changing as well as changing the oil, I keep thinking that to km I have to change the oil, the tire and the precision angle are just like it is, or HUNTER adjustment angle should be checked and edited? Right.

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Does the process have many steps, and how long does it take to complete a process that is so accurate? The process of balancing the wheel will have the following steps: firstly the technician will remove the four tires, mark the current and current position of the vehicle, and depending on the The design structure of each type of tire that a technician will analyze is whether this tire is flipped forward or backward, or flipped to each other. A combination of HUNTER's ROBOS ELIP dynamic balancing machine was used to determine which tire was qualified to run. When the machine has finished dynamic balancing, the technician will reattach it and it is half stitched. What is the remaining half stitch? After the tire is installed, the technician will give it to adjust the wheel balance with HUNTER's equipment. That is Hung Lam like this, the parameters of the manufacturer, each one of its vehicles will have a different parameter. It's different, isn't every car the same? No, it is completely different. I thought I was going to finish it. So in this HUNTER machine, HUNTER collaborates with all the automakers in the world and so the carmakers provide the information, the standard angles, the undercarriage angle, the Standard specifications for each of those vehicles in this HUNTER engine. And at that time, when the customer's car is on, this HUNTER machine it will compare is the current specification of the car with the manufacturer's number. I got it. What does it mean if there is no deviation? You can rest assured to continue for 6 months or 10,000 km, but if the deviation later, the technician will then adjust. Ah, also reasonable, right?


And today, when we get here, we have a lifetime experience, not only changing oil regularly, but the tire is the only part in contact with the road. the car, but it's twisted like the way we drove just now, walking away with both hands and how skewed it is like this, how dangerous is it? That's why an advice today for you is every 6 months, right, you should check once like drinking deworming medicine, my brothers and sisters every 6 months to take deworming medicine once, right?

I thank Mr. Ha once again for giving me and the Xe audience or a very useful advice. Thank you very much. Thank you.

And then after the technician is done adjusting and testing all kinds of things on the road, here, put your hands out to run 40-50km / h straight like each, this is safe here, isn't it? ? Don't forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel and click the bell button to watch the videos more often. And now, goodbye and see you in the next video. Bye.

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