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What Are The New Car Buyer's Questions


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Hi everyone, today Thai Big will come back to you with this topic which is quite realistic, a very practical topic, situations that were first used when Nova, Vi-Ot, said them. is a regular Toyota car, invite you!

Already! There are three situations that often happen to people who first hug the car ... the new car is like the problem of not getting a new car and why the problem is not working, sometimes the door is locked and the car is not working. What is the problem? And a third common situation is that it is not possible to pull the key, the car can drive home and draw the key, but if the key cannot be unlocked, the door cannot be locked. Maybe just keep watch over that car. Already! Follow Thai!

New Car Buyers Frequently Asked Questions 2

As with this Nova car, what are the causes that customers believe to be unsuccessful, in which situations it usually falls into? Maybe it's because you guys hit the clutch, not close to the floor, see? The thing that you have not tried, you just said that you have already pedaled, but in fact there are two reasons that you have not tried to kill the clutch is because the floor mat here it is not ... not cleverly lined , make it thick and kick all the legs already, your case is the pedal is not full foot, the case of Thailand this is the pedal so all the legs already, all the legs already but still can not start the engine, then! Let's try it together! Here, here is the key, okay, kick ... yeah ... kick all my legs and it can't work. Here, the hand screwed up but it still can't work, the reason is that the seat adjustment is not correct, guys, you slide away, it's too far and we step on all our legs, pedal all the legs already, but it has not reached the switch, only when you pedal all the way of the clutch leg, it will open the engine for you so please adjust the seat properly, right? And we deal, ok! Already! already.

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The second case is because there is one, because the floor plate is sliding or some strange object is lying on the floor and it is necessary, it needs to be on the floor so when it is stepped down, it will be damaged. wedge, it is strained millet so we have not all pedal, not all the clutch, its exact pedal is not all the end of your dentist dentist! Then, a second situation is that it is very interesting, also often encountered it is not ... ... problem ...! The problem was not due to the steering wheel, so many customers called Thailand but only to ask a simple question: “Are you in the car? Have! Is the steering wheel you are slanting? That's right, how do you know that? " Yes! This is going to see the steering wheel, seeing the steering wheel here it will be slanted, this is an ancient lock situation. The steering wheel is slanted, so it still has the degree of dribbling, you see, guys, you can lift it up and down and so on, when I put the key in it, I couldn't turn it, it was hard, it was not able to turn. do you see then this situation is caused by my car being locked up, you know? The reason is locked neck, this is the safety feature, security features of Toyota designed for you. Already! So to solve this situation is very simple, you put a key in one hand, one of you shook the steering wheel slightly, did it fall? I shook it a little bit, then I turned up normally, yes! Can you see it? and we deal with it normally. Ok, got it Then that was the second situation.

New Car Buyers Frequently Asked Questions 3

And the third reason is that the car is not like that, it is for the car on the automatic transmission, now we go over to see the car with the automatic gear box so it will not be like. ? And here Thai is sitting on the automatic transmission, Toyota Vi-Ót automatic number that you see, now I try to try ha! Yes! The problem is not, can you hear me ru? Already! It still can't work, the reason is that the digital hand is in position D, right? Now let's try, what if the number is in the R position? The question is not, now we finalize an option, what is the conclusion of a conclusion? If the automatic transmission is in a manual position and has a number, in the position with the number, we will not be able to, this is understandable, guys! Already! By the way, we are always talking, with automatic transmission, with automatic transmission, which position we can deal with! The question is the opposite, so the position is an automatic number. Here! You see, position B of course is okay, you see? Do you need to stomp, guys? No need to stomp on you guys! Alright, can position N follow you to make it work or not? Already! The problem is the dentist! Ok, got it So, 2 positions, position D can't be taken, position M cannot, that is, the position with numbers that cannot be addressed, position without numbers with motor vehicles is both possible and impossible. need to stomp.

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However, according to the habits of the Thai individual, the driver keeps on climbing a car, if it is an automatic transmission, there is another reason that the problem is not in the charging system. This battery is weak. That's the way we use it, when we sit right there we turn on the music and turn on the music it consumes a lot of electricity or we turn it on and we turn on the switch button 2 then we I opened the wind to make it cool ... open the wind to cool it, now the charging system does not charge the battery but consumes, consumes electricity, so it takes a long time to finish the battery either ... or we walk like it is sunny we go through the tunnel we turn on the light or for some reason we accidentally turn on the light to the status of the lights and the headlights, then come back to our house and park, then we take the key right, we got out of the car we locked the door we drove away, because we were parking in the daytime state and we didn't detect our headlights on and we went upstairs When we got back in the car, our car stopped. So the story lies in the way we use it and there are people who come back at night, understand? At night, we came back to discover that the lamp was bright but it was too dull then, after the night, we started coming back to the house and glad to let go of the car and then turn off the key, then leave it there, done and then went to sleep it was always bright all night, after the next morning when I went to work, the car ran out of gas, this situation also met many.

New Car Buyers Frequently Asked Questions 4

Yes! These are some causes related to the story of the new car out of average, you learn from the experience of how you use the car! There was another situation where the new car could not lock the door, the key was used, it could not lock the lock just now. Please see it! And now we lock your home! Can't lock it, lock another one, maybe the reason is we still have the key inside, ok! So the reason is that we just put the key in the lock earlier, many people wonder why, so many long-term driver also ask why? Old cars do not have this feature, but new cars later, the manufacturer is security for you. Assuming the manufacturer key is still designed for you, but the key inside is still locked, but what happens? There are two bad intentions: Breaking the glasses into the car can take your car, right? There is a second reason that you have to open one of the five doors of this car, especially the Nova car has the back door, many people close their hands to close it, they cannot detect that it is still open, thinking that My door is closed, my opinion is that the door is closed, the security is the door that I have already closed but still cannot lock.

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Now let's try it out, the common cause for the door behind you, okay! Shut down! a lot of people shut it too lightly, and when we close this door, especially with the back door we hardly detect the opening, you see. We do not detect the door is open, undetected, still close. Ok, got it We locked the door, the lock failed, then! So we close, ok! So the door is locked, or for any of the other four doors, see? Is there someone who is close to someone who is not close to see? But it's on the other side too many times when we stand here we don't see, we lock the door, still can't lock it, yes! You just need to close and we will lock. Ok, got it And by the way, Thailand instructs you to always use this ri-key. Very simple, we see here, this is a lock button, this is an open button, this key can be folded neatly, then! fold it, then! When you receive a new car with a shaking plate, this is the key code, the key code for each car in case you lose all the keys, nothing to know and copy the key, then you give this code to the company, the company will Give you the same key! Okay, this is the door lock, yes! In case you press the whisper, open this door! But in case you accidentally clicked you need to squeeze your pants, for example, right? Can .... It opened up! Within 30 seconds if there is no door open, it's an accidental situation, none of them open ... all the cars will open automatically, and if you press open the door and Can you open it? Then you are the one who proactively locks the door, this is a safety feature.

And there is another situation that often happens in the car, as in our case, we can pull out the keys, then you try it! Then we are starting the engine, turning off the phone to stop and un-locking the key, the reason is that our digital hand is still in position D you see? These positions D, places with numbers. So the question is where does the number have, does position N draw the key? Still cannot withdraw, position R still cannot withdraw, and position B. In this case, many customers also encounter, and we understand in a simple way that there is only position B, only position B returns. then we can turn off the engine and remove the key, and the rest of the locations we can turn off the engine but cannot unlock the keys, guys, but if you cannot remove the key, it means that we cannot lock the car. , this is a little inconvenient. The dentist you note!

Hopefully this clip will help you a lot in the matter of using new cars and for the first time using cars like In-No-Va, Fortuner and other similar vehicles to you! This clip is true for all cars sold at Toyota ... If you want to buy a car, please call in advance to make an appointment for Thai Big to welcome better or showrom you please it is for a large meeting. , to avoid the case that you misunderstand, everyone buys.

Thank you for supporting Thai Lon and Thai Lon's team during the past time, other friends such as Khoa, Hang, Duy are friends and younger brothers who have followed Thai Lon and received training. Sure, can serve and please you. Thank you and see you again at Toyota Store 606, Tran Hung Dao, hello and see you again!

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