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Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017

Does Ford Ecosport 2018 have more new things than the 2017 version?

Hello everyone, this is Ford Ecosport 2018. Appearing in Vietnam since 2014, Ford Ecosport has experienced three years of product cycle. And the change and update of this model is a necessity, so that Ford Ecosport can continue to hold the crown in the urban Crossover segment.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 1

And today, we will explore what is new in Ecosport 2018 compared to the previous version. First of all, I want to talk about the overall vehicle. No need to be a very observant user, you can easily recognize that Ecosport here is just an upgraded version only.

The overall design remains the same as the previous version. The front of the car is quite short, the rear part I temporarily call it with a word is a bit amputated, and especially at the base axis. The base shaft of the Ecosport 2018 remains at 2520mm. It is only marginally better than the previous generation version.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 2

All the overall details have not changed much. But the changes are concentrated in small details. First, at the front of the car you can easily see that the hexagonal grille has been redesigned by Ford. It is more bunker and equipped with honeycomb patterns here.

It makes this urban car more sporty and the Ford logo is no longer in the grille at the small grille above. Which is centered right here. But somehow makes the Ford Ecosport more aggressive.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 3

Here we have a Ford Ecosport with a 1.5 Dragon engine and a Titanium version. The high-end version, however, is a pity that Ford did not equip this version with a Projector light kit. Projector lights only appear on version 1.0 Eco Boost.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 4

This is a pity for this urban model. Because nowadays most models, even low-cost ones, already use Projector lights. In addition, in my opinion this is a minus point on the Ford Ecosport 2018. The LED daytime lighting here has been removed by Ford. It's a pity, but Ford changed the design by bringing the turn signals down below. This design, for me personally it is not really beautiful but fancy. It gives Ford Ecosport something new, more attractive than the old version.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 5

Finally, I want to mention that the front of the car is this front part. This front part also expands and it gives this urban vehicle a look that seems to be ready to conquer the terrain. Despite the fact, Ford Ecosport is not a terrain vehicle. Next, we will try to find out if the body is the rear of the car has not changed anything? Compared to the previous version.

As for the bodywork, I believe many people cannot distinguish the 2018 Ford Ecosport and the old generation. However, there are two new points that I want to mention here that the design is changed slightly. Although it is still a bit weak compared to a car with a bit of terrain orientation, but it has been raised to 17 inches instead of 16 inches as before.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 6

It somehow makes the car stronger. But overall, looking at the horizontal body, the Ecosport still looks quite heavy. There is still a lack of a directional car that can handle some terrain. The second difference is that the keyless entry system is here. Previously, Ecosport used a small black button on the handle. But it has now turned up to become a touch bar above this. It is quite similar to the design of Lexus models.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 7

Apart from the last two changes, I almost believe that it will be hard for you to find any new differences. Let's explore in the back of the car. On the rear end as I mentioned before. The design has not changed but there is a new point that Ecosport has been equipped with a reversing camera here. Next to the back sensor and image illustrations.

The reversing camera here is also an update that I believe car buyers are also very interested in. In addition to being a bit different from the North American version, Ecosport 2018 in Vietnam still maintains the design using a spare wheel box at the back. It somehow makes this small car more heavy, heavier than the small style of the car. And of course it is like the classic Vietnamese motorbikes. But not really consistent with the overall design of the car. This is my personal opinion and let's explore whether the space for things changes.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 8

Ecosport's storage space is still the same in my observation. Ford still has a design that I value quite highly. It's the recessed section here, which makes the storage space more spacious than you can imagine. There is also a very new point here. That's the racks here can be removed. We were able to remove this rack.

It is different from the old version of Ecosport because the old version of Ecosport has a shelf that can not be removed. And so when you put things like this high, for example, it's very difficult. One thing that is quite deafening is that the Ecosport 2018 does not get a back foldable rear seat. The back seat is still only partially folded. From there somewhat limits the storage space of the car.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 9

I believe that Ecosport users will need to store lots of stuff. Because this is an urban model. And that is a pretty unfortunate point. Below this, we have nothing new to update. If the North American version we had the spare wheel here and the rear end will be more elegant. Now we will explore the interior of the car.

Stepping into the interior space of Ecosport 2018, perhaps if you follow the international press, you will quickly realize that this is the design of the interior of the new generation Fiesta. And similar to the previous generation Ecosport is the embodiment of a high roar version of the Fiesta. And everything is updated according to me is more modern and beautiful than the previous generation.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 10

In addition, perhaps the first noticeable point when I stepped onto the interior of the new Ecosport is that the plastic part in the dashboard has been updated to a softer feeling plastic than the previous generation. However, the plastic in the sill, for example or other plastic parts, is still hard plastic. It is not high level enough.

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About the steering wheel of Ecosport, it has been continuously updated like the recent Ford models. It can be said that very similar to the leather-wrapped, soft and comfortable Ford Focus steering wheel. In addition, maybe we will try the engine. See if the new 1.5 engine has not changed.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 11

The motor runs guarantee very small. For me, this is a plus point like the old generation Ecosport. The sound of the engine coming into the cabin is hard to create. Even high rpm. I'm pedaling the throttle to 3000 rpm the sound of the engine coming in is not uncomfortable. Yes, the same is true of the whistle. I also often challenge low-cost cars by honking if the honking horn back into the cabin is loud. Not with Ecosport. Although the horn is very loud.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 12

Another very big change that you can quickly recognize is that Ecosport has updated the synch bar system with touch screen here. It's similar to the equipment on other high-end Ford models like the Ford Everest model. It's intuitive, it's easy to control and it's a lot more handy. You can control many of the above.

Connect with your phone, voice commands, combined with Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system ... a lot of new and interesting features, you can explore on the Ecosport 2018. One point The update is very worthwhile.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 13

There is also air conditioning here, in my opinion has not really updated to make it more convenient. With the old Ecosport, the air conditioner design is a bit hard to see when you sit up and drive like this. To control the air conditioning system here and on this Ecosport 2018, the weakness is still repeated. To me, the air conditioning system here is quite difficult to observe.

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Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 14

Even I would have to lean a little bit like this to be able to see the number here. The gearbox section also has a new change that you will also be able to recognize immediately that is instead of the manual shift button plus or minus here. Ecosport then equipped with a feature that is a feature that supports downhill when you press the button here. For example, the downhill assist function will keep the automatic gearbox maintained at a low gear level and help the vehicle to brake at the engine. A feature that on previous Ecosport you will have to manually adjust with the plus and minus buttons here.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 15

Another point I've also realized is that the Ecosport no longer holds the pedestal to fold up and down here. The armrest has been replaced with a new model like this. To me, this pedestal is also ok. But I prefer this type of folding up and down like this. It seems to fit my body better. In the current sitting position, I have adjusted the seat.

The seats were still manual, so I adjusted the chair to suit my sitting position. Unfortunately, the vision on Ecosport has not been changed much. The bonnet part is a bit rough, the dashboard here is also quite high, it somewhat limits the visibility of people in the car. Especially the very thick column A has not been changed, a very regretful point. Even column A of Ecosport is even thicker than Everest a car can say giant compared to this small car.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 16

The next update point is that Ecosport is equipped with two usb ports here. Those are two USB ports for you to connect Ios or Android devices to the Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system here. It is very convenient, it helps you to control the functions on the phone right at this touch screen.

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The next point I continue to criticize Ecosport is that it designs a lot like this. It makes the space in the car is not really airy. It's a pity, I think a flat design or a little recessed will create more space on small cars like this.

In the front row I probably forgot that I would also challenge a little with the voice command system of the synch bar. Perhaps if you have used the synch system on the previous generation Ford Ecosport, you will quickly realize that the synch bar has a much faster sensitivity. In addition, here I observe, the voice command system also updates many features. A very significant, very commendable upgrade of the Ford Ecosport.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 17

Unfortunately, one point I expect in Ecosport 2018 to be upgraded is that the ability to adjust the steering wheel near and far has not been updated. The steering wheel here can only be adjusted up and down, but not near and far. It is quite difficult to find a comfortable sitting position for people whose body shape is not really tall. Ok, maybe we will move over to check if there is any update in the second row?

Entering the rear seat is probably every detail that has not changed compared to the previous Ecosport. I have adjusted the front row to fit my position and the back is quite comfortable. I can stretch my legs like this, the space above my head or the flat surface of this row is quite wide. I believe that three people can sit quite comfortably. But a minus point that I think is a big minus point for urban models is that there is no air outlet for the rear seats.

Compare Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 18

Here Ford equipped with two buttons to open and lock the door only without air conditioning. And this will be a minus point for those who use cars for families. Sitting behind like this is also difficult to get a cool temperature quickly. In addition, Ford still has a weakness that is not equipped with handles at this height. It is an essential element for cars that are a bit off-road oriented. When you travel on bad roads, having a grip like this is essential. Unfortunately, Ford continues to not equip the Ecosport.

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And perhaps very flawed when we do not mention the new 1.5 Dragon engine equipped on Ecosport 2018. This engine is still 1.5 capacity. But producing 120 horsepower and maximum torque of 154 N / m. It is significantly higher than the 108 horsepower and 140 N / m of the old 1.5 engine. In addition, I would like to give praise for the design of the engine compartment, which is soundproofed between the engine compartment and the cabin, and the bonnet here is also equipped with soundproof felt.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 19

The design is small, but it shows the carmaker's interest for car buyers and it makes the operation of urban cars much more comfortable. It is good soundproofing engine that helps us to move, so it should be low gear, it will not be tired, headache.

With a series of changes as I mentioned so far, perhaps Ford Ecosport will continue to be an attractive model in the urban Crossover segment. However, one point is that the price has not been disclosed by Ford. And whether Ford Ecosport can continue to hold the throne before the competition of Chevolet Track or Suzuki? Then we still have to wait and see what the price of this model is like. Especially the operation part.

Comparing Ford Ecosport 2018 Vs Ford Ecosport 2017 20

We are looking forward to seeing you in the next program when we have the conditions to operate the car and make the most specific assessment of the performance of the Ford Ecosport 2018. Don't forget to like and subscribe to our channel. And if you want to learn more about any model, please comment below. Good bye and see you again.

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