Self-Driving Car With Remote Control BMW 740Li 2020

Self-Driving Car With Remote Control BMW 740Li 2020 Imported Germany Price 5,6 Billion Already Available In VN

BMW 740Li

A special feature before the 7 series is this LI upgrade that is despite the change in the design of the car's head being raised to 50cm, the lights of this 740LI are led lights, but technology. Adaptive LED Headlight  this will detect the vehicle ahead and reduce the light intensity appropriately

BMW 740Li

A retractable spoiler, a full 360 cam, a turbocharged and twin-scroll inline six, has a capacity of 6 hp. Up to this point, the 7 series is the only S-segment sedan in this segment, with a lot of carbon material, it will help this car weigh less than 1 ton 9, it's only on par with the E segment. 100kg lighter than other competitors. The wheelbase of this car is the largest in the segment but the lightest in the segment.

BMW 740Li

Vehicles with air suspension, fully lift and lower the chassis Runflat, BMW 7 series BMW serves their most high-class, high-class customers, has both a door and a sunroof, a very beautiful electronic screen design, this upgraded version, the change comes from material. 

BMW 740Li

Leather material first appeared before the 7 series and was equipped on the 7 series in Vietnam, especially it appeared 2 beautiful screens and had a mechanical knob that could use voice to adjust the temperature. yes, the air conditioner is always touch-sensitive, independent zones, oak wood first designed on this series of 7 wood colors is very luxurious, luxurious and new, series 7 is the first in the segment with a massage chair and a chair prior to.

You see how the new 7 series costs 5,6 billion for this 740LI, I find it quite reasonable with this price.

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