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The BMW 730Li has nothing to RECOVER customers

The BMW 730Li has nothing to RECOVER customers


Ladies and gentlemen, the BMW 730Li 2019 deserves a model for the nobility. You can be a successful businessman, maybe a noble, etc. ... as long as you have to have a lot of money, the price of this model is about 4.1 billion but it is imported directly in Germany. What I appreciate on the new 7 series is the lightweight chassis system and uses special steel with very high rigidity.

The body has carbon core - carbon technology to make the details on this 7-series car, very class. The 2.0 engine block, 252 horsepower, believe it when a car 730 like this long and the engine block is only 2.0, make sure you wonder how it runs, weak or not like the 520 we'll find out later, but let's say that the value of a car lies not only in the engine block but also in the chassis technology, bodywork technology, suspension, control system, all What you see in front of you, the hardware and the soul, is in the control. Sometimes we have the hardware, not the soul, it is not perfect.


For BMW 730 Li equipped with headlight system, which is standard equipment, provides the ability to divert the rays of light when the car comes into the corner, ensuring good visibility and safer when driving into the palace. night roads, especially winding roads and low visibility, the light of the lamp will adjust itself to the steering direction to illuminate corners on the road but at the same time not dazzling for the opposite vehicle. . 


A full size Sedan is very wide, as you can see the height of the trunk is very good but the width is narrowed. Why do we often say that Toyoya or Japanese models have very wide trunks that differ in the arrangement of suspension and wheels. Japanese-style wheels like this are quite small compared to this car. 

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The body is quite long, which is of course the BMW line, needless to say about its beauty. However, the car uses Hankook tires, the wheels are only 18 inches but this chassis can lift and lower the chassis. With this BMW 730 you can climb up and down the sidewalk, carefree, upright, diagonal.

The door when opened very wide, from the door to the lid of the cabo is made of plastic, which is the weight problem to help save fuel and weight distribution on the front and rear axles 50/50, usually the cars BMW runs very like. Doors on these luxury cars do not need to be strong, gentle. The cabin of the 730 series is very beautiful, sophisticated design. Compared to the 520i model, you will find that it is on a completely different level when the wood cladding on this car is five light wood, still submerged, smooth and beautiful.

bmw-730 LI

Even on the surface of this dashboard you will see very different, not 7 inch screen but 10.2 inch, also very beautiful design. Simply put, this model is 4 billion 049 million, the 520i is only 2.4 billion, the difference is nearly 1 billion 6. You will see over 730 all the modern features that we have introduced, I will Introducing glance at the equipment on the vehicle.

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All the screens, the center screen, the screen behind the steering wheel are all beautifully designed digital screens that you can see directly with the images. And the materials on the dashboard, control system, 4-zone air conditioning system, control buttons, materials, materials, work very smoothly and smoothly. Even the top row of buttons is made of metal material.

With the function of heating and cooling, the five light wood appears on very nice details, there are very convenient storage compartments on the car, the engine is very soft that is the class of a luxury car, only one thing is regret. few charging ports, USB, possibly due to BMW's complicated electrical system so it is less equipped and there is no wireless charging plug anywhere. 


The gear lever is similar on the BMW product lines, which are very familiar but you will see the icedrive part it is more class even from this design, we can move on this screen as well, you also I can see that this is one of the manual controls, there are 6 actions, very high artificial intelligence, I can make the car spin, control the sound system, receive calls and words. reject the call, can rotate the angle, the screen can be up to 8k, not 4k anymore.


The two rear seat positions on the car are very wide, we can feel how happy it is, for example, this 730 does not have footrest like business class compartments or on more advanced versions, or screens. rear, etc., all of the equipment is also optional.

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You can adjust the sitting position right on the car, and especially we can control all functions such as interior lighting, I can control the color here, it will not be as colorful as the E2S series. , light and sound will change your state, if you are tired, choose color, soft sound, if you want to be dynamic, strong, then choose another color, great space when sitting in your car yourself. On top of that, just close all on the screen, all the doors, curtains, sunroof are closed, control massage modes for 2 backseat positions only, a total of 8 positions location, synthetic massage, air conditioning 4 independent areas, wifi connection.

All of these seats you can control by mechanical keys on either side of this seat or control the sun blinds, etc. right next to the door. Lots of comfortable postures when seated in the second row, but the special thing on the 7 series is the smoothness and soundproofing. I can use this screen to quickly control the audio system.

With a static space, comfortable sitting position, function, massage many control positions like this are very great and worth for this car. The value of a classy and luxurious car lies in experiences like this. When I drove this car, I felt like I was taking off, a very long but flexible body car. A surprise on this car is only using a 2.0 engine, 258 horsepower, 400Nm for a long and heavy model of 7 series but the engine is not weak at all or even very smooth.

You also see the other driving experience on the model 5 and even more intervening is the suspension, steering, gearbox and even seat positions. You can choose the driver, the passenger, etc., so does the ECO PRO function and further intervention, the same operating principles we can optionally increase or decrease the level of fuel economy, they We will envision in this car many versions. So the battle for smart cars in the future, technology will make a difference and leading car manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes, Audi are fierce.

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