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Đổi Bằng Lái Xe Ô tô, Xe Máy Cũ Sang Thẻ Nhựa PET (theo luật mới)

Đổi giấy phép lái xe Ô tô, xe máy loại cũ (chất liệu giấy có ép nhựa) sang thẻ nhựa (PET)  có mã QR 2022

Khai trương vào 8/2/2022 ( mùng 8 AL) 

đổi bằng lái xe từ giấy sang nhựa
Fast, Non-Waiting Registration of Renewal of Driver Licenses


Duration Change driver's license cars and motorbikes from old to plastic PET cards according to the new regulations will be extended until the end of 2020 for motorbike drivers' license and end of 2016 for car drivers license.

Circular 58/2015 / TT-BGTVT is the latest circular promulgated by the Ministry of Transport to regulate the change old driver's license to plastic card mà không cần phân biệt thời gian cấp (theo điều 57).

Như vậy, 2 loại giấy phép lái xe sau được phép đổi sang thẻ nhựa:

  • Các loại giấy phép lái xe có thời hạn có các hạng như: A4, B1, B2, C, D, E, và các hạng F.

  • Các loại giấy phép lái xe không thời hạn: A1, A2, A3.


Đổi Bằng Lái Xe Ô tô, Xe Máy Cũ Sang Thẻ Nhựa PET (theo luật mới) 5
Change licenses for cars, motorbikes to PET fast

Procedures for changing old driving licenses for cars and motorcycles to PET

  • 01 ID card photo without notarization.
  • 02 3 × 4 card photos to file for renewal.
  • 01 copy of old driver's license
  • 01 copy of PET driving license (if any).


Đổi Bằng Lái Xe Ô tô, Xe Máy Cũ Sang Thẻ Nhựa PET (theo luật mới) 6
Driver's License Change-Without-Waiting Service ...

Đổi Bằng Lái Xe Ô tô, Xe Máy Cũ Sang Thẻ Nhựa PET (theo luật mới) 7

We realize that taking waiting seats often takes a lot of time. To save your valuable time, you can use the services of Driver Training Center in Ho Chi Minh City.


Cost Đổi Bằng Lái Xe Từ Cũ Sang Mới:

Motorbike: Only 650,000 VND

Car: Only 850,000 VND

Contact Dong Tam Driving Training School:

Call Center: 1900 633670

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Ho Chi Minh City Driving Training Center

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Tòa nhà số 30 Đường số 9, Phường Linh Tây, Quận Thủ Đức

The Center is very pleased to serve you.


Opinion of Customers Using the Change of Plastic Driver's License Service to New PET Card License:

Do Minh Tien - Driving Vina Shoes Company

Đổi Bằng Lái Xe Ô tô, Xe Máy Cũ Sang Thẻ Nhựa PET (theo luật mới) 8

My paper driver's license was torn due to being put into the washing machine, and I lost the original file, so I turned to a reputable license making service to redo. Fortunately, my license can read the serial number on the license, so after 10 days I have a new license with PET plastic card on hand. Professional working center, just after 10 minutes to register and take pictures at the Department right after that is finished.

Thank Dong Tam Center very much and will definitely recommend to friends if they have the need to exchange with the same

Video of PET Driver License Benefits

Dear viewers, the Western program of this morning will revolve around a lot of information on an issue of social concern, that is, the replacement of automobiles and motorbikes from paper to card form. PET resin.

It can be said that in recent months, the people of the whole country have reflected a lot, both positive and pressing, when spending a lot of time and money waiting for a new license. In addition to the objective reason that many local transport departments are overloaded in the conversion of new licenses, the fact that many people do not fully understand the functions and advantages of the new PET license also causes many annoyances in the commune. festival.

Coming to the public information section, inviting the audience to learn about the benefits of this new license is being implemented by the Ministry of Transport.

The most obvious advantage is that the new GPLX is made of flexible plastic, so it is more durable than the use term and thicker than the previous paper license, the size of these license plates is as compact as the convenient ATM card. for users to easily maintain, the data information integrated in the GPLX PET is digitized so unfortunately, it is simple to re-issue, saving a lot of time, the GPLX management database is managed. nationwide to well serve the patrol and control of traffic but also helps the transport enterprise to well manage the vehicles and drivers of the vehicles.

Not to mention that when we suddenly change to the GPLX into a PET plastic card, the state management agencies will be very easy in exchanging databases to sanction and process information and sanctions. Besides, the people in traffic also limit the use and use of fake GPLX

Changing GPLX from paper form to plastic card is also a roadmap to accelerate the implementation of e-government towards the goal of international integration. Ladies and gentlemen, the benefits of changing to PET are quite obvious, but the renewal of this license continues to receive many disagreements from the people, according to them, they think that the renewal of the license This new issue is causing a lot of difficulty, the following is the opinion of the people that the reporter of the West has just recorded on the afternoon yesterday

Mr. Mai Tuan Kiet "It has an inadequacy that I feel unsatisfied, the first is a matter of time, my current license term is still quite a lot, but currently according to the notice we have to change, we don't see any immediate effect from this change will be very time consuming ”

Ms. Phan Tran Que Dan “I feel very difficult because I have recently passed a driver's license, so when I got a state driver's license I was forced to change my license, so I had to pay another cost. health examination expenses, photography fees, other fees

Ms. Pham Hoang Phuong Vy "As a student going to school, changing driver's license like this will take my time and I have to wait all day to be able to change it and the procedure is very cumbersome"

It can be said that until now, there are still many people, especially those who have reflected on the above, still do not know the information of the conversion of driver licenses, in fact, the above audience, may Waiting until next year or waiting until the expiry date of their GPLX card to change to PET card format will not be affected.

It should also be emphasized that changing the license to a new model, the view of the Ministry of Transport is to increase the management performance and protect people's lives from the risk of fake license drivers and unsafe vehicles. traffic safety. However, before the feedback, as well as the pressing of the people, recently the Minister of Transport Dinh La Thang also issued a regulation on extending the roadmap for converting a new license.

“New regulations on the roadmap for conversion of automobile licenses will last until December 31, 2015 instead of December 31, 2014. Regulations on the conversion of licenses of other vehicles remain the same. Accordingly, the A4-sized GPLX must convert before December 31, 2015. Indefinite License of Grades A1, A2 and A3 issued before 2003 converts before December 31, 2016 before 2004, converts before December 31, 2017 before 2007, converts before December 31, 2016. 2018, issued before 2010 converted before December 31, 2019, issued after 2010 converted before December 31, 2020 ”

In addition to the extension of the roadmap for conversion of licenses. The General Department of Roads of Vietnam also announces the license to use paper materials after 2014 and the motorbike licenses to use paper materials after 2020 are still valid and can be changed to PET materials when they expire.

According to the General Department of Roads of Vietnam, there is currently no regulation to sanction those using GPLX with paper materials if the expiry date has not yet been converted to PET materials. The objective of the Ministry of Transport decides to extend another year of the roadmap for granting motorcycle licenses with PET material and notify the license of paper materials if the time limit is still valid, until the expiry date is to relieve pressure. The force for the switching points is always overloaded. However, in reality, there has not been any change, but in the past few days, a lot of people have come to register to convert to GPLX in the form of PET plastic cards, the following is a note of a group of reporters in Can City. Poetry yesterday afternoon

“This time is 15h, but at the location of the license level of the Department of Transport, there are still a lot of people waiting for procedures and it seems that the overload situation has not showed signs of cooling down, the reporter did 1. a small survey to answer this situation of overload is the majority of people do not know new information about the roadmap ”

“The new regulation of the Ministry of Transport is to extend it up to 1 year ie until 2015, do you know this information?

Mr. Nguyen Duc Hung: I don't know, I heard that in the media, it was only a motorcycle license

Mr. Nguyen Van Ly: the situation of extension allows people to extend the time to choose a driver's license, the first one is to help reduce the overload.

Mr. Lu Hoang Minh: I heard until 2015 is the expiration date, but I do not know the date of the license with my license

Currently in 400 records per day at the Department of Transport of Can Tho City, there are about 70% requests for conversion for 2-wheel vehicles, although the route of this type of vehicle still lasts for several years while thousands of records It is still half of the car limit, which is a common difficulty in the whole country. If this momentum, the driver's license conversion points will continue to load in the long run.

Although the information was born from 11/13 but until now, the people still do not know clearly, the people who come to exchange for the LPL have not cooled down, hoping that the people will know this information, slowly exchange the LPL

The fact that people do not know or hold inaccurate information is overloading the functional sector and creating pressure on themselves.

Ladies and gentlemen, from 2015, Vietnam will issue international production licenses, related to this issue, Mr. Nguyen Thang Quan, the director of the driver management department - the General Department of Roads has some basic information to agencies. the media

“According to the international convention, this license can be used in about 85 countries, Vietnamese citizens who are granted an international license will be allowed to drive in the countries participating in this convention without having to study and take the national license. In contrast, citizens of member countries who have an international license issued by their own country will be recognized by Vietnam, according to the provisions of the GPLX-type convention which will only be valid for 3 years with the expected level. VND 150,000, the GPLX has the same pattern with the international when presented in 5 languages English, French, Russian, Chinese. This is good news for those wishing to control their vehicles without having to study or retest for a license. ”

Currently, the circular guiding the issuance of international licenses is still in the process of completion, expected to be implemented and piloted in the second quarter of 2015 in some major cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and Da Nang. Danang. In fact, international driving licenses only promote the efficiency of travel for Vietnamese citizens to work and study abroad, and for domestic residents who do not go abroad to study or work, do not This type of license should be considered. With regard to the fact that many countries participating in the convention use a wrong-handed driving, the head of the vehicle administration department for the Directorate of Roads also said the convention did not require any additional procedures, but The use of international driving licenses must be responsible for learning about traffic laws and safe driving regulations of the host country, especially when using vehicles with a reverse steering wheel.

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