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Tips to Drive Efficiently Save Fuel From Hung Lam

On the first leg of the first day, we will move from Buon Me Thuot to Dalat. From morning till noon, we traveled about 110 km to the lunch point. In the afternoon we will continue to run 100 more trees to get to Dalat. The road from Buon Me Thuot to the lunch break point can be said to be quite difficult. It was not like the previous times we attended. This time, the mountain pass is pretty steep. Traveling in Buon Me Thuot city is not too difficult because the roads here are quite empty. But starting to get out, we will have a steep winding mountain pass. And actually, to say that saving money with the way to go up and down the winding slope like this is probably not easy.

Tips to Drive Efficiently Save Fuel From Hung Lam 1

In short, still use the old trick to throttle and use Cruise Control whenever possible, combined with squeezing the gear to be able to enter the highest gear to save gas. Plus don't turn on any electrical equipment in the car. Air-conditioner only opens a small volume. The buzzer did not click and the screen did not turn on. Going on a mountain pass like this, keeping Cruise Control in is very difficult, really hard. The job that a small pass road has to keep to keep the gas and brake down as low as possible is a very difficult job to do, but I will try to minimize the brakes as much as possible. Hopefully, there are no unexpected situations on the road. There, it's not that simple, it's braking, it's just braking. Try not to brake can not, make sure you have to brake only. And braking like that is a bit disadvantage because we have to throttle, spend less gasoline.

Tips to Drive Efficiently Save Fuel From Hung Lam 2

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Yes, we have reached the finish line of the first leg on day one. And my fuel consumption is 4.4 liters, a number to say, I think not bad. There have been many turns to notify each other that there are people who run much better than this. But with me 4.4 liters I can be in the top 3 leading. Hopefully, not going beyond the top 3, hopefully. In this first stage, I did not expect the road to be so difficult and complicated. I thought at first, I only ran under 4 liters but I did not expect this number to rise to over 4 liters. Of course I still maintain my tactic of running Cruise Control from the beginning. While still in Buon Me Thuot city, I tried to push the car to the speed of 40 km / h and maintain the Cruise Control right from the city.

But when going out and going up the steep hill, it was really surprising that the brakes were quite a lot. And the number has increased because there are many sections that have to climb, but I have tried to maintain as much as possible. Finally, when finishing the first stage, the figure of 4.4 liters per 100 km is not a bad figure compared to all those attending the competition today. And even though I think it is the top 3 of the first leg of the first day, the number is not bad.

 Well now we begin to continue the second leg of the first day and the destination is Dalat City. This road is not too difficult but it is not easy, there is still a bit of the mountain pass. Especially when getting to the expressway, going through the expressway, we will have to climb the slope to get to Dalat. Certainly it will be difficult with saving fuel. Yes, the roads are bumpy and steep, but I still try to keep the gas pedal steady.

Tips to Drive Efficiently Save Fuel From Hung Lam 3

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Well, at this high speed, I don't want to run too fast, I will leave Cruise Control at 50 km / h to optimize the fuel consumption. Hope it will be okay. A lot of cars have passed my car but I think with this strategy, I can finish with a very regretful number. The steep climb like this is going to be very expensive. Hope it will be okay. Cheer up. Yes and now we are at our destination in Dalat and my fuel consumption is 5.3 liters with a little over 100 trees, not too bad. Hopefully with this fuel consumption I will compete for the first place with everyone, I believe so. With this level of consumption can say too is okay with this road. Actually, the Jazz car is more economical, but climbing a steep mountain pass, 5.3 liters for 100 km like this is too good. Coming to the second leg from the lunch stop to Dalat city is actually quite a difficult road. Because even in the first paragraph there are people who have run, there are even up to the number of 20 liters per 100 trees. Why is that? Because it climbs right from the beginning. Yes it was very difficult, and in my car I tried from the beginning but also climbed up to 10 liters for the first 100 kilometers. It was really bewildering at the time why this car consumed so much gas.

Am I running wrong? It really is not so. Do a lot of climbing. When we climbed to the top and down the hill, we actually changed our tactics. At that time, the number it had decreased was relatively much, but at the end of the highway and after finishing the highway, it had to continue climbing, then the number climbed. By the time we reached the middle of the highway, the alarm clock was about 4 liters. I was very happy, but when I climbed to the top of Dalat Mountain to my first stop, my car was 5.3 liters per 100 kilometers. Really this number is not bad. At first I still thought it was quite tall. But after researching, I realized that this is not a bad number with the average level of participants. I am confident that the first day of competition with this Honda Jazz will definitely win me. Even if I don't get the first prize, I can at least be the runner-up.

Yes, it is already Monday. Dalat is rainy and relatively cold. But later moving to Nha Trang is probably hot, the climate is constantly changing. For the first leg on day 2 I will move about 110 trees. But it will be a very good road. Going from Dalat would go down almost continuously, so I expected to be very fuel efficient. Hopefully I will run this CRV with just under 4 liters only. Hopefully so because the distance from Da Lat goes down almost we do not need to climb, downhill continuously, only how to keep and maintain the most economical consumption. In this case, I would not choose the solution that is about braking and braking so it will be very dangerous, very very dangerous. You guys should never go home and step on the brake. I will not go fast, I will maintain the speed as low as possible so that the lowest fuel consumption time possible. Cruise Control will still be in use but probably not much on this stage. See if this strategy is okay? Crab sleeve pretty much. In a nutshell, in this downhill stage, it must brake relatively well. Brakes are relatively many, but not at all simple. But maybe this brake is lucky. There are also many climbing segments here. Not simple at all. There is down and there is up. Of course up very little, down will be more.

Tips to Drive Efficiently Save Fuel From Hung Lam 4

Wow all the way to 3.5 liters. Yes, an unimaginable number. So the slope is gone. Now definitely have to go flat and the number will surely increase. But the whole mountain pass but the figure of 3.5 liters is also very impressive. 3.5 liters. But we don't have to throttle too much. Trying this ramp will maintain Cruise Control so it doesn't increase too much. If it rises to more than 4 liters it will be hard to win a prize. Come on, go ahead, you must brake again. Yes, I went up by 0.1 and it was a waste. If you remember last year, I won the first prize and the difference with the second person was 0.008 or 0.007, it was less than 0.1 liter. Coming to a stop and hope not to rise. Well 110 kilometers and 3.9 liters. Not bad at all, 3.9 liters for a figure that's not bad for 110 kilometers for this Honda CRV 1.5 Turbo.

The trip from Dalat to Nha Trang, the road is quite steep from the mountain down. And our car put a decent fuel consumption on the first leg of the second day. My CRV reached 3.9 liters per 100 trees. And it must be said that without the slope from Dalat it is almost impossible to reach this number. But I changed the tactics a bit. Instead of running without braking, I braked quite a lot but not about N and the brakes. Go to N and the brake will die, because if the brake is bundled or the brake is burnt, plunge into the cliff or rush into the mountain immediately. It's very dangerous, you should never do that. I still put the gear even to Cruise Control when I didn't brake, And I used the gear shift lever. Every time the car goes too fast, I will step on the brake pedal so that the speed is just right so that the fuel consumption indicator is always at the smallest state and even it returns to the longest mo. If you go fast, it will go very fast and if you go too slow, the clock will increase again. And actually in these parts I was quite stressed because it was dangerous to go down the slope and always had to keep that and minimize the unfortunate excess. But really in the first paragraph on this 2nd day I actually ran very well and fuel consumption of 3.9 liters. It is really ideal and I believe no one can run such an ideal number and I believe in the first leg I will be on the second day with this CRV.

Yes and now continue the second leg from the lunch stop to Nha Trang. This segment will not have any slope at all but we have to run on a flat. I will take shelter in the container truck ahead. The opponents are all running Cruise Control and the brakes are not applying my chosen strategy. The container guy in front of you is very steady, very gas-stable and hiding in the wind this guy is really good. Nearly all the situations in front of him read extremely well from speed to obstacle. Almost like I was slowing down manually, very gently and smoothly, without jerking.

Naturally meeting this container guy would probably be the key point for me to win this round. I have a determination that with this CRV I will win the championship, but the Jazz I think is impossible. This CRV I'm going to try to be number one. According to him the container obviously did not brake, he covered the wind and helped push my car forward. The speedometer meter has dropped. And now it's down to 3.9 liters. Wow unbelievable. I do not think this car can go down the road that can down 3.9 liters. I can't believe it, never went down the road. It was obvious that hiding behind the container was too standard. I am confident this trip I will win the first prize with this CRV 1.5 Turbo car. Oh, the red light, on the mo, it doesn't cost a bit of fuel. Going to Nha Trang city is too crowded, do not think it is stuck in traffic. Off is not really but too crowded traffic. Already up, 4.1 already. Hope not up too. If you turn off the road like this, run a little bit more firmly. 5. Several liters. And then the red light was red. Traffic jam and continuous red and green lights. Come on 4.2. Which car in the previous car to move, oh too crowded. Still 4.2, don't come up anymore, it's almost here. 4.3, and soon to the end and then another 0.1. 4.3 then. Arrived. Here it is. Then 100 trees of 4.3 liters are not bad at all. 4.3 liters for 100 km. Well hopefully I will win first place with this CRV. 4.3 liters really not bad.

With the second leg of the afternoon of this Monday, when running from a stop to Nha Trang city with a distance of about 100 km, the entire road is a flat road and there is no slope. At first I thought that with this CRV I would run around 4.9 liters or 5 liters but I used a nice trick that still includes Cruise Control, still including braking and balancing the car and not turning on the screen. save electricity as much as possible. In addition, I also use a strategy that is a strategy to hide the wind. Yes, a tactic that Formula 1 racers or auto racers often apply.

And I hid behind a pretty big container and maintained a distance of about 50 kilometers, more than 50 kilometers were all neat and without braking. And there was almost no chance that something happened suddenly because the container driver drove so well. Slow down is extremely soft and the speed up is also extremely soft. And almost when I was running in that section I was supported to reduce friction and be pushed by someone and that's why the fuel consumption was extremely good. Finally, I finished the goal with a number of 4.3 liters. Sometimes it was quite deep, but when it came to Nha Trang city, the traffic jam and the green light were red, so the fuel consumption increased significantly. But the number 4.3 I think will be difficult for anyone to surpass this number and I am completely confident of myself on this second day with Honda CRV.

Summing up the 2 stages of the contest, I won 2 second prizes with 2 awards, Sony speakers. One result I thought was not bad, although I had originally planned to win first and second prizes. But okay 2 second prize is a great result already. Thank you Honda Vietnam for sponsoring this program for reporters to experience the very good and fuel-efficient cars as well as explore the beautiful roads. Hopefully Honda Vietnam will regularly organize this program more so we can experience more. This video will end and see you again in more videos.

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