Hoang Kim Khanh's Strongest Aventador S Vietnam With Over 800 Horsepower

Hoang Kim Khanh's most powerful Aventador S in Vietnam with more than 800 horsepower

Aventador WILL

Hello guys, this is the Lamborghini Aventador S version is the most powerful supercar in Vietnam at the moment, this car has been upgraded to 800 horsepower and the details cannot be more terrible, Full carbon with a front bonnet.

Aventador WILL

The Aventador S version differs from the regular version in that the front bumper has 2 catfish-like antennae, there is not much difference in terms of lights,

Aventador WILL

The set of wheels on carbon wheels are still 20-inch wheels, the rear wing is also Full carbon with hydraulics below that can be pushed up and down, this wing is DMC full carbon, the exhaust pipe is also fully titanium.

Aventador WILL

Inside is the original V12 engine with just over 600 codes and now the car has been upgraded to 810 codes, in Vietnam there is no car stronger than this supercar. (Refer to the manual distinguish the types of car engines simplest today).

Aventador WILL

This car is an S version with all black and gold suede seats similar to the exterior paint color except for the smallest details, all of which are covered in suede, the ceiling is also suede, the steering wheel is the same, and the gearshift paddles are huge. Riding the Aventador is tough because it's a sports car.


Lamborghini's V1 12 is full of terrible details, the original is already terrible, the large carbon wheels are extremely standard and now add a full carbon package, carbon spoiler brakes, top exhaust pipes.

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