Audi Q3 2019 debuts at VMS 2019 – threatens Volvo XC40, BMW X1 and Mec GLA

Audi Q3 2019 debuts at VMS 2019 – threatens Volvo XC40, BMW X1 and Mec GLA?

Hello friends and friends, I am standing next to the German car that is expected to be quite hot in the early part of next year, the car will be sold and introduce the Audi Q3 rival of the BMW X1 and Mec GLA.

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First of all, the LED lights are completely wired with extremely beautiful and sharp Audi style. The rest of the grille has not been installed with electric skin. engine cooling.

Perhaps Audi in Vietnam only distributes Audi Q3s that own this 4-wheel drive system, which is the weakness compared to their rivals from CRV or Mec, at the front, this car is completely different. The new air vents are not vented, maybe this is an Audi design line to save the higher production version to cool the brakes and increase aerodynamics.

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The body has a very nice set of rims, the largest size class in the segment of 255mm cross-section, the addition of black door panels that are quite sporty, the door handles with touch buttons to open and close are not liked in the car. This is a door handle that sticks out too much compared to other car manufacturers' designs.

The rear of the car has a full range of LED lights typical for new Audis. Compared to the X1, the halogen-wrapped turn signals, the pseudo-pseudo-part looks pretty, but if you look closely, it curves anywhere.

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The space of the Audi Q3 looks quite large under the class without the spare tire here with the electric door closing. About 2 years ago Audi switched to the relative car naming model or they didn't call it TFSI 2.0,3.0 they named the numbers 45 is this car somewhere around 200 hp 228 hp.

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Inside, we have a clock face behind a completely high-resolution LCD screen that looks extremely sharp and it is very large with many parameters displayed on the screen, the steering wheel has thin borders like this, making the overall view on the side. after it is better than the decoration like the letter S, an extremely smooth touch screen about 10 inches in size with a minimalist design, has 6 driving modes, has a mechanical air conditioning system with real aluminum not plastic. fake color Audi does not use wood paneling on this car instead of high quality leather.

The gear lever is still a mechanical gear lever slightly inferior to Audi's competitors, the electronic handbrake, no display on the windshield. The seats and the mechanical seats are all mechanically adjusted to compensate with a much better speaker system. Standard speaker system on the GLA or on the X1, the frameless mirror is beautiful, and the only callable panoramic sunroof in its class.

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The rear seats are very comfortable, the headrest is soft and the head is not touched. Compared to the current GLA and the current X1, it is drifting in the segment, in terms of engine capacity because this car is 228 hp. Just wait for the price of this car to decide if this is the best car in the segment or not.

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