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Evaluation Audi Q2 - Small crossover priced at 1.57 billion

Evaluation Audi Q2 - Small crossover priced at 1.57 billion

If you have about 1.5 billion and want to buy a German car, you have options like Mercedes Benz GLA 200 or maybe 250, BMW X1 or Mini Countryman but why not try a new car? Audi, very new in Vietnam market is Audi Q2.

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The front of the car. The grille part, if you notice, Audi has always used the hexagon for the details of the grille, but here, the Q2 is a car with the orientation for young and dynamic people. A very dynamic grille. In the front of the car is an octagonal grille, not the 6-sides as previously used by Audi. The grille has very nice black spokes, very beautiful, these are spokes that have never appeared on an Audi, it is young, dynamic and can say is very stylist. The front of the car has an LED light that automatically balances the projection angle and can glance at the angle of the steering wheel you drive, Audi is always the leading car manufacturer in lamps, from matrix lights to laser lights. Audi lights are both beautiful and functional. The first part also has a front bumper that is completely separated from the car paint color, a bit regretful in the front bumper with no connecting part inside, this is just an aesthetic detail. Regardless, we have a very nice, very good overall head of the Audi Q2. And under this cabo is the turbocharged 1.4-cylinder 1.4 engine.

Audi Q2 is the first car to bear the Maslist mark, the first VIP in the design industry that you may not have heard the name, because of course you only care about the car. Maslist joined Audi, head of design since 2013, and his first hallmark is a tradition of breaking Audi. If you are an Audi fan, you will notice that the ledge will run straight and parallel to the ground and connect from the head lamp to the rear lamp, this line will run parallel to the end of the car and it will work. emphasis on the length of the Audi. Thanks to the lines that have so far been Audi, it always feels like we're witnessing a car longer than it actually is.

Review Audi Q2 - Small crossover priced at 1.57 billion VND 2

But with the Audi Q2, there is no longer a straight line but it has been broken by two horizontal lines separated, looking at this detail feels like a diamond-carrying line of high-end phones that we seen by Samsung or the Iphone, a very bold line, and looking at the body we see right here is a very different detail of Q2 than the previous Audi. The vehicle has additional underbody panels and runs along the two wheel rings and the glass panel near the rear of the vehicle. And this case is personalized, and we have more than 10 colors for these personalized parts. It also has a 17-inch multi-spoke wheels and we can choose 18 or 19 inch wheels, there are 12 rim options for Q2. The personalization that Audi wants to emphasize for the Q2. Looking at this body, if you stand a little further away you will see the roof lid lower down, like a coupe.

If we go to the rear of the car will notice immediately, of course even the design of the tail also exudes a sportiness that is a very steeply angled windscreen combined with the rear wing spoiler that comes with Brake lights are on high. Just looking at this light, I love it, a full led rear light with a T-shaped design similar to the headlight. The tail has exhaust on both sides, a little regret if it has this exhaust pipe, it only needs two pipes and it is evenly arranged to the sides so it looks more sporty. The trunk is opened with a key or a button in the trunk. When opening the trunk, it is quite impressive when a small car like this has a length of about 4m2, but we have a storage space that can be said to be relatively spacious 405 liters if we put a lot of cargo. Standard location facility. And when we fold the second row, we have more than 1,000 liters, which is exactly 1050 liters. The numbers are quite convincing for cars as small as the Q2.


Evaluation Audi Q2 - Small crossover priced at 1.57 billion VND 3

Entering the drill of the Q2 interior will feel really delicate and technology, there is a screen in the middle, size 5.8 inches, the sharpness is very good, standard colors only but unfortunately unfortunately can not be retracted. It gets down just like on a high-end Audi. But it seems reasonable because this one only costs about 1.5 billion, can not ask too much. There are LED strips with hundreds of tiny LEDs embedded under the tablo panel, and the panel at the center console. And when you look down below we will immediately see the small stamp attached to the shift lever, this is Audi's 7-level dual clutch number and we will experience a bit to see if this gearbox is really Impressive or not. And on the car there is a very unique start button of Audi. Has the main control part of the infotainment system. There are more shortcuts to adjust car or phone parameters. with electronic parking brake. There are ashtrays. There are USB ports. The details are not as impressive as the blower part, the adjustable air vents can be turned on and off easily, just need to turn to the side and the inner door is extremely flexible and even its design. Audi-like, it's very modern, not the slightly straightforward design of previous cars.

The feeling of sitting on this chair is generally comfortable, although the leather seats are not the most advanced leather that Audi offers. Audi Q2 can choose Napa leather but coming back to Vietnam is a bit expensive. There is an armrest with a fairly high height, with an additional USB port. But when you look straight, you'll discover one thing is not very satisfied that the rearview mirror in the car does not have anti-glare automatically but must be adjusted with a manual switch. But overall when entering this Q2, it feels modern, quite impressive.

Review Audi Q2 - Small crossover priced at 1.57 billion VND 4

In the backseat, the headroom seems a bit lacking, for people over 1m75 and 1m8 they may find that headroom like this is not enough, because this car has a sloping roof. At the back, it's very nice to look at the belly and when sitting inside, it doesn't seem too handy. About the leg room, it is comfortable enough to straighten the leg. The fist is also very solid. In addition to the space in the car is not too spacious in the back seat, the first shortcoming is that there is no air conditioning in the back seat, only the armrests of the front row can slide up, in return, below is a 12V port that can charge the phone, the next one is no armrest in the backseat, a bit regretful because this is an option for Audi Q2 cars in Europe and it does not have as available as the Audi Q2 imported to Vietnam. And on the floor of the car there is a very high level of tailstock, because Audi reserved them the option for their famous all-wheel drive. Audi is considered a leader in all-wheel drive technology and Audi Q2 also has that option, of course, if you choose four-wheel drive it will be more expensive in Vietnam. And the car that is experiencing is a front-wheel drive car but still has this mound so a bit sorry. We can see if it is very uncomfortable to sit in the middle of the back seat, it can be said that only a short walk in the street.

Experience the feeling of driving.

Evaluation Audi Q2 - Small crossover priced at 1.57 billion VND 5

At low speeds, the variable steering wheel works at low speeds quite well, it's light but not too light, it retains a bit of compaction. The car is in mode D is not sports mode, feel the throttle is quite genuine, the accelerator of the Audi Q2 can still feel there even though it must be admitted that it is a bit late because the engine 1.4 engine, 150 horsepower, 250 Nm, of course, with a small 4-cylinder engine, it takes a little time to be able to provide enough exhaust to make the tubo system work best. And this latency when going to the street is not too great, and as you can control this Q2 very well with one hand. It can be said that the steering wheel gaisc is something Audi always does well, unfortunately the imported Q2 we experience here does not have the extremely nice virtual cockpit display system of Audi, but that's okay with a watch. But here we can see the Audi watch is very easy on the eyes and also has all the information we need such as which bluetooth music we are listening to, how to turn it around, very full. S Tronic 7-speed gearbox, this DCT gearbox has 2 clutches, extremely fast gear changes at low speeds. It can be said that the experience in the city with the Audi is very interesting, although on paper specifications this car is not too special especially when compared to the cars of conventional and luxury brands that cost more than 1 billion. , represented as Honda CR-V, Honda CR-V is more powerful than Q2, but the engine is just one of our daily driving experiences. The CR-V CVT gearbox cannot compare to the double clutch gearbox in driving experience.

On the road, at a speed of 70km / h, the soundproofing of the Audi Q2 is very good, we almost can not hear the sound of the wind, a little bit of tire echoed only. When cruise control is installed, according to the notification clock, the car is operating with only 2 cylinders, a 4-cylinder engine that operates only 2 cylinders, which is the technology to suspend the cylinder and bring the ability to save It can be said that the car is very impressive, now the clock is reporting 2.6 liters / 100km, the number is unbelievable. According to Audi Vietnam, they use the car every day and go to the main street, they often achieve the consumption parameters of 5.6 liters / 100km, not too much difference compared to the figures that Audi is full. Published bridge is 5.2 liters / 100km. The Audi Q2 is really fuel efficient. And the performance when you need to pass the car fast, when you need to accelerate well, switch to the S-sport mode, just a slight click on the gear lever, can not disregard the performance of a Q2, very loading is when you have not pressed the number with a gear shift on the steering wheel. Now at level 6 and in S mode, try throttle on one, from number 6 that the car can jump to level 2 to provide integrated gear ratios, the accelerator can be called satisfying . It can be seen that the technology is shown in the flexibility of the engine block and the flexibility of the 7-speed DCT gearbox, we can see that we spend more money for us to experience such modern technology. This is quite worthy.

Evaluation Audi Q2 - Small crossover priced at VND 1.57 billion 6

Engine 1.4 TFSI
Cylinder capacity 1,395 cc
Max power 150 hp @ 5,000-6,000 rpm
Maximum torque 250 Nm @ 1,500-3,500 rpm
Fuel consumption 5.4 liters / 100km (tested in Europe)
Acceleration (0 - 100 km / h) 8.5s

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