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ARCFOX GT 2019 - Chinese electric supercar challenges all super cars

ARCFOX GT 2019 - Chinese electric supercar

BAIC Arcfox GT- Chinese electric car as strong as supercar

Hello everyone, my friends and I are at the Chinese supercar stall, the one standing next to me is the Ford of a Chinese brand, its capacity is 1,000 horsepower and accelerates to 100 km. / h 2.59 seconds, terrible it sped up with speed at lightning speed.

Looking at its design, it is no less than any other supercar, bird wing, carbon body, LED fun system lights do not know if laser or not but fun led carbon from head to toe. 


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We have racing tires, brake systems for racing, racing rims, and brake frames from Ford. From the side you can see the reinforcing bars, anti-roll bars from the inside, all the interior are made of all carbon, it is a version for true racetrack, with too much power. is terrible.

Details Arcfox GT - Chinese electric hypercar

The interior is equipped with sporty seats and equipped with 4-point straps, very nice extra carbon wing, this car is electric motor so its acceleration is extremely terrible, 2, 59 paper that has reached 100 km / h, the aerodynamic part in the back of the car it is no less than any other models it.

The interior is not of any civilian style, it is purely of a racing car.

[Geneva 2019] Arcfox GT - powerful supercar 1,609 horsepower

This car torque is not equal to the other car but the capacity of 1600 horsepower, this car is sold on the market, it is no less than any car in the world, aesthetically, it is not inferior any real Any car in the world that it has a terrible power, bold sports style, futuristic style. Looking inside the car we can immediately see the control screen on the armrest, the whole touch looks very modern and beautiful, unbelievably in China they can make such a terrible car. hey 

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I have just heard the chairman of this car company tell these cars they use 2M technology, meaning that when fully charged, this car can run up to 600 km / h is absolutely you can go from Hanoi. go to Hue.


Next we take a look at the ECF, which currently has no specifications, this car also runs 100%, in China now every car manufacturer produces cars, of which 10-20% is powered by electricity. and in the future they don't use gasoline cars anymore, they use all electric cars.

It is not easy to own a gasoline-powered license in major city centers like Shanghai Shanghai, and many have to wait 30 years to get a driver's license, so they are forced to buy it. An old car for a very high price. Because in these big cities, her car is very crowded, so the emissions problem is a very concerned issue, an electric car will be extremely environmentally friendly.

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