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All you need to know about driving licenses in Vietnam

All you need to know about driving licenses in Vietnam 1

All You Need To Know About Driving Licenses In Vietnam

 What did you know about the regulations about studying, issuing and exchanging licenses in Vietnam? In today's article, we will share all the most important information that you need to know when you want to learn GPLX.


The driver's age

+ People full 16 years or older drive a motorbike with a cylinder capacity of under 50cc

+ People 18 years of age or older to drive two-wheeled motorbikes, three-wheeled motorbikes with a cylinder capacity of 50cc or more, trucks, tractors with a tonnage of under 3,500 kg; Passenger cars with up to 9 seats.

+ People 21 years of age or older may drive trucks or tractors with a tonnage of 3,500 kg or more; B2 class driving tow trailers (FB2).

+ People full 24 years or older may drive a passenger vehicle of 10 to 30 seats; Class C drivers pull trailers and semi-trailers (FC).

+ People full 27 years or older may drive a passenger car of more than 30 seats; Class D drivers pull trailers (FD).

+ The maximum age for drivers of cars with more than 30 seats is 50 years old for women and 55 years old for men.

Drivers must be physically fit for the vehicle and its use. This health standard has been chaired by the Minister of Health, in coordination with the Minister of Transport. If you meet the health standards and related conditions, you can enroll and take the driver's license as prescribed.

Upgrading Driver License

+ Being a Vietnamese citizen or a foreigner who is permitted to reside or working or studying in Vietnam.

+ Having good health as prescribed by the Ministry of Health. Having certificate of driving time and safe driving distance as prescribed

Specific provisions on number of years and safe driving kilometers are as follows:

+ Upgrade the driving license from B1 to B2: 01 year or more of practice and 12,000 km of safe driving or more.

+ Upgrade the driving license from B2 to C, C to D, D to E; Grades B2, C, D and E are up to F grades respectively: at least 3 years of practice and 50,000 km of safe driving.

+ Upgrade the driving license from B2 to D, C to E: at least 5 years of practice and 100,000 km of safe driving.

* Note: Learners to upgrade their driving licenses to Grades D and E must have a junior high school diploma or equivalent or higher.

Change And Reissue Of Driver's License

There are 3 cases in which the driver license is renewed and reissued:

+ For a license with a valid term or beyond its use time of less than 3 months from the expiry date: There is no need to change driver's license

+ For a license, after the expiry date of 3 months to less than 1 year from the expiry date:  MUST BE SURVEYED FOR THE LEGAL REPLACEMENT TO REPLACE THE GPLX

+ For a license, within 1 year after the expiry date: MUST BE SURVEILLED PRACTICE AND PRACTICE FOR REPLACING GPLX

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