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8 billion, choose TOYOTA LAND CRUISER V8 or LEXUS LX570

8 billion, choose TOYOTA LAND CRUISER V8 or LEXUS LX570

land-cruise - Lx 570

In fact, at a price of more than 8 billion if you choose a Japanese car, there is a genuine LX 570 standard distribution or can own the Land Cruiser that has many advantages to go on difficult terrain, while LEXUS 570 is favoring the more luxurious street that Mr. Vuong said is very popular because those who have social status, great financial ability will love this model. This is a Land Cruiser V8 version 5.7 similar to the Lexus LX 570 sharing the machine with a little difference in parameters, this one is also very new, produced in August 2018.

8 billion, choose TOYOTA LAND CRUISER V8 or LEXUS LX570 1

Compared to the Land Cruiser V8, 5.7, the price is nearly the same as the standard version, but the standard version lacks some options such as distance braking, lane keeping, many other things and this car is full. TOYOTA's full set of equipment, not missing anything.

 For example, next to this is this Super Sport, it is different from the standard grille, the lower as well as the rear bumper, the surrounding body, splint and super sport lettering at the hip. Naturally this grille looks bunker, beautiful and more attractive. In terms of the exterior design of these two, the LX 570 somewhere is more luxurious as well as a more elegant design, used for the purpose of walking in the city, looking very attractive.

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Full led headlights are like the standard version. As for the Land cruiser, the lights are also led but use glass marbles here, if we look closely, the Land cruiser it looks bunker outside, big and a bit rough. If the LX 570 has a front steering wheel, headlight cluster, grille, it collects in the middle looking like an arrow, then this Land cruiser is rafted out, something rugged, bumpy, There is a very strong point on the capo like the ribs look so high.

The front logo is the scanning radar system, on the upper part of this glass is the radar scanning system. If you compare directly to the specifications of this Lexus LX 570 and Land Cruiser, the LX 570 will be about 140mm longer and about 10mm wider, in terms of height, the Land Cruiser V8, 5.7 is 40mm taller because because the interior space of the Land crusier has a very high ceiling. 


Looking at the horizontal, the side of the Land Cruiser has simplicity, folds are not too beautiful. All of the blocks above the body do not make much of a highlight and are quite large. The only highlight in the design of the car's side is a chrome plated brace, the chrome splint is quite similar to the Lexus LX 570.

Door handles, rearview mirrors are also very large, rearview mirrors are integrated with blind-spot warning technology on mirrors, drying mirrors, automatic anti-glare. The rear end of the 5.7 V8 is almost identical to the other versions of the Land Cruiser, with only one main difference being the three bumpers on the bottom, and the taillights are also improved compared to the previous generations. LED technology, chrome splint bar stretches from rear light clusters side to side. The words Land cruiser are pretty strong embossed here, creating a highlight on the rear of the car.

Lexus LX 570

Even the trunk opening of the Land cruiser and LX 570 also has the same clamshell folding design, when opening the latch there is also a support mechanism so that it does not collapse. Talking about the storage space of these two cars, if folding 2 seats in the 3rd row up, we have very large storage space.

The trunk opens and closes power, but the trunk of the TOYOTA models has a folding structure in terms of durability that is very durable but has not made us smooth and smooth, including LEXUS too. The Lexus LX 570 has another one in the back of the Land cruiser we have to use the mechanical structure, which means that by hand we can open and close the third row of seats, because this model goes on terrain so much Toyota is very clever when it comes to cutting down unnecessary electronics to prevent us from being subjected to extreme weather conditions on electronic components that will cause us some glitches and minor faults. 

Lexus LX 570

The interior of this Land Cruiser V8 version, 5.7, compared to the standard Lexus LX 570, this version of the dashboard is very different. If the LX 570 is geared towards luxury and class, then the Land cruiser gives us simple, coherent, easy-to-use and durable design lines over time. Lexus has a 12.3-inch screen that comes with a 19-speaker Mark Levinson speaker system that gives us a very special experience in the cabin. And the Land cruiser gives us a moderate experience, just enough for us to go on the roads, maybe long distance, very comfortable long distance, and the comfort experience, too, the speaker system of the Land cruiser V8, 5.7 also 14 speakers.

In general about the equipment and options, these 2 vehicles have differences but also similarities. You can see the screen is not too big as the Lexus LX 570 but also has a pretty good interface, only the graphics response is not as good, fast as the Lexus LX 570. The middle area of the middle screen If the LX 570 uses a lot of wood cladding material, then on the Land cruiser, this car also uses materials such as leather cladding, soft plastic and wood.

To talk about the complete quality of the Land cruiser or LX 570 models, the quality of finishing is quite similar, only different materials because each car naturally has different levels and levels. Naturally we will have the basic equipment on models like the Land cruiser. When this Land Cruiser gives us a lot of off-road experience, the LX 570 gives us the experience of speed, feeling on the road with plenty.

Because the Land cruiser has visai lock, supports turning on narrow roads, terrain, up to 5 different terrain operating modes, the LX 570 also only equips some basic terrain, the rest has the modes such as sport, sport plus, normal, eco, we have more driving feel. These two models share the same 5.7-liter V8 engine block. The Lexus LX 570 has a limited horsepower, a design refinement, a little smaller horsepower than the Land cruiser, even the torque parameters are the same. 

Lexus LX 570 Lexus LX 570

Refer to a bit of equipment, for the LX 570 and Land cruiser both have quite large armrests and of course there are cold drawers, such as steering wheel heating, or cooling seats, sunroof. Previous generations of the Land Cruiser and this Lexus had the same thing as the steering wheel. When the 2-storey car class is not so clear as it is now, either a Lexus or a Land cruiser uses a 4-spoke steering wheel.

In the old days, the steering wheel of the LX also had 4-spoke design, big plates, few buttons. Today both cars have different designs, but the rim of the steering wheel, the grip of the wood cladding elsewhere are airy. In general, to talk about the design language of TOYOTA models including luxury cars like Lexus, we always have current designs which are not timely but to talk about time, it is durable over time. The dashboard behind the steering wheel, too, has the same points.


 If the adjustment of the air-conditioning system or the screen on the back of the LX 570, and the armrests of the second row, on the Land cruiser has been moved to the center pedestal separating row 1, which is the point. difference first. The rest, seat space and seat design are similar to Lexus and Land Cruiser.

The seating position of the second row for us to sit has a pedestal feel, very comfortable. To talk about the skin of this Land cruiser is very soft, very fond of, only the point is that it has a different level of texture compared to the LX 570 because the LX 570 is a car towards comfort and luxury, so it touches more genuine leather, less stiffness. Next we will talk about the screen system behind the first row.


The screens of these two cars are exactly the same, only differ in the display inside this screen only, but also the size, style of the screen is the same. The feeling of sitting in the second row when looking at things around them is the same, only the design lines on the door of the Land cruiser, it is big, clear and sturdy, other than the reach of the hand, Inspired quite a lot from the large TOYOTA pickup model. The Lexus LX 570 is designed to be softer, giving us a classy and luxurious experience.

To enter the third row of both Lexus and Land Cruiser, we still manipulate the folding second row of seats and then enter. With TOYOTA models, the space in the backseat is very good and always gives us the experience of quite attractive and airy from the feeling of sitting to the viewing area around, with the glass window made. very spacious and give us good visibility. We go into the long road, the long distance is sitting like this, thanks to the air suspension of the Land cruiser or the LX 570 has a very smooth experience.

With this TOYOTA Land Cruiser V8, this 5.7 symbol is Toyota's symbol and this is a car that has achieved much success in the US market or some countries with severe weather conditions, the Toyota Land Cruiser is always reserved very special favors. With a price of about 8 billion, we will have options for Toyota as 2 standard Land Cruiser V8, 5.7 and LX 570 cars with the same engine, 8-speed gearbox and other equipment. Distinct, different usable values.


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