7 Important Cautions For Safe Driving



Instructions on safe driving posture: If you sit in the wrong seat, it is tired, in addition to the fatigue, if accidentally collided, the injury will increase a lot, one of the mistakes that people often sit wrong is to sit too low, or too high or too close to the steering wheel, sitting too far, even the headrest is similar to this headrest people adjust the low and low, the steering wheel adjustment is low and wrong, in The mandatory standards for safety and to drive are:

+ Seats too close to the steering wheel can cause knee break: The length of this seat must be such that the heel is on the brake pedal, the brake pedal is not too close to the foot, and not too close, if that is too near the knee will be very close to the car, if in case of a collision the throttle that the person rushed up, that person will easily break the knee.

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+ Straightening legs is dangerous for the spine: If it is too far, if too far when the brake pedal, this leg will be straight and every collision like his body rushed in front of all injuries, the force here will be concentrated right on the spine, it will cause injury so I have to adjust the seat enough distance so that it has a curvature in the knee, so that if there is folding brakes, the legs will bear the force to replace it on the spine.

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+ Seat height in the middle of the eye: As for the lift of the seat, I adjust so that the driver's vision is in the center of the glass, then the eye level must be centered at this height, if that is low If he is too tall, then his head will be very close to the ceiling, he may notice that the distance from the head is the same as his hand to be up here, if he is too high, he has to lower it.

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+ The chair is too reclining, causing shoulder strain, the position of the chair recovers to touch the wrist: As for the reclining seat, too comfortable, the hand will be pulled, with this very every shoulder when driving and observing and steering. It was very bad. If I went in shock, my head would hit the pillar. If I was too tight, I could not steer, I would have to adjust the reclining position of the seat. who came to the steering wheel so that the steering wheel corresponds to the wrist, like this. This is the most comfortable position, the most comfortable brake and the most comfortable driving.

7 Important Cautions for Safe Driving 3

+ The height of the steering wheel towards the chest: Another one is the adjustment of the steering wheel, the steering wheel can be adjusted to different high and low, adjust so that this steering wheel will have airbags, if there is a collision. If an air bag happens, it will inflate, it is not allowed to inflate directly into my face, not to face my face, if it is too high to face, hitting my face can cause fainting, and to be too high then my hand will be raised, raising it is very tired, how do I go for the direction of the steering wheel, if it is to open the airbag, it will be directed to one chest, mostly to my chest. is about the steering wheel.

+ Belt buckle high waist injury blue collar: As for the seat belt seat belt seat, I can adjust up and down, if I put too low, this seat belt will go through the biceps, I hold up like this, it will be very entangled, but if I adjust too high, too high, it goes through the collarbone. In the event of a collision or emergency braking, the entire body weight is put up, the pressure of the rope is on the shoulder, the collarbone can cause purple or the armpit can break, but the brake is urgent. or a sudden accident may break, I adjust so that the height is most suitable for this belt to pass through the shoulder straps, the load-bearing muscles, if I have time my hands are not entangled and I brake quickly then This muscle will bear much better force than the bone.

+ Advice:

  • Tips to turn on the heel: And there is another advice that you should not turn the accelerator pedal in a position to lift, but you should be in a standard position to put your heels and press your nose up here so that you can reach up and step on this foot. , lift up and when you want to change the throttle and brake, you stay on your heels like this and rotate, should not be on the pedal, lift like this, if I practice the habit that turning the heel like this is not a phenomenon wrong foot pedal brake pedal, because the posture is different postures, and this pedal is posture it is the same, I can completely pedal wrong.
  • The second tip of taking a rest of your hands after 15 minutes: The second advice is that in the process of driving, you should take a break of your hands, one by one every 15 minutes, then you should rest your hands, if you are left you can hang up hand on the door and if I have my right hand I hang on this armrests box.
  • The third piece of advice is that the armrests must be of a standard design according to the car: And I should choose the armrests so that the height of the armrests is evenly balanced with the armrest by the door, so that The height of both hands is straight, balanced with each other, the person is not left or right.
  • Advice 4 is to put all the phones and wallets in the trunk: And one more tip is that in every case of wallets and phones, wallets and phones, if it is in the pocket of a seat can cause bent column If you leave the bag behind, it will be channeled. If you drive for more than an hour, you can get tired of your butt and flex your spine. Wallets and phones should be put in the trunk and sit. balanced and most comfortable, like this position ... If unfortunately there is a situation on the road when I drive in the right position, my reflexes are better and if something unfortunate happens, my body is better protected.

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