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Over 600 Million Buy New Car: 7-Seater Sedan Or MPV

Games 600 Million Buy New Cars: Choose Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater?

I like youth, like the street look beautiful, glitter, go out, nightclubs and bar stalls or something, that ride is still beautiful, still very young. But when I go on a Taxi, no one looks at me, no one looks at me, even I have to park a car from afar, that kind of thing.

Hello everyone, still translating Covid, I don't know if this video is up or not? In the recent time, perhaps the information we receive the most, the advice is that in the price range from around 609 million, what car to buy? I have to say it right. Over and under 600 million there are many, many lots, but the question is that this Sedan segment, the MPV segment of this type has been popular in Vietnam recently, which one is more appropriate, especially those who often use family and corporate services. So today, based on our experience that the users have owned, used to use a lot every day, we will share for you. Of course this is my opinion and that of the Car crew, and what kind of car do you like, buy that car, the money is in your pocket, right?

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: 7-seater Sedan or MPV 1

Then now we will go around these two cars to see what are the advantages and disadvantages of these two cars, so that we can give a pretty overview of the two car segments. this. Why am I wearing a mask for both cars? Because the first is that these two vehicles are also avoiding the epidemic, the second is that we should not take a specific vehicle, I have already owned and used these two cars, so I took Come here to let it call the closest. And the exact segment we can put is the B-segment Sedan or the B + or even the B- around it, just around 600 or so. And an MPV is also around 600 like this, 500 something also or is over 600 also should you choose a lot of money or should you choose to save this car? Let's do it now, it's too long, isn't it?

First we will talk about the advantages of each car, and also the advantages of this car, it will certainly be inferior to the other cars. For example, a 7-seater MPV like this, what will you get on the outside? Regarding beauty, we do not talk about beauty, each person likes each hobby, we will talk about car segment, about vehicle type. So, what is the benefit of this 7-point MPV? First, the higher roar, the higher roar, we will be able to navigate the roads it is a little harder, climb the sidewalks it is better, we will go through the rough roads difficult a little more. That is the advantage of high roar compared to Sedan, Sedan then we will get another, later I will tell the advantages of low roar later.

Next on an MPV like this, we will have the size of the wheelbase, the things it will be wider, it will give the interior space it is much wider. We'll come in later to see, that's the second point, the second plus point, the plus point.

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: 7-seater Sedan or MPV 2

Next, if we look at the equipment on the overall side, we will have a larger wheel kit, the wheel compartment also looks a bit wider, then it will be more beautiful than a wheel. Small, it is also one that is worth noting. There is also a point like when I first talked about beauty, beauty is of course a beauty, but for me personally, please allow this to be a bit personal, I see MPV models of this type have just come out, because it's new so there's always a new look rather than models like this, it has something a little bit conservative. Well, this is just me, please add 1 point, you may not like this kind of thing, many people say it's so young, and so cool and so on. Many people like to wear dress, it is the opinion of the commenters below.

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater 3

From the outside, we see briefly that MPV car has such advantages. But to this side of the car we have the advantages, firstly the sedans like this one, the first is the price it will be cheaper, certainly. Even more equipped, it is a bit cheaper than this one, at least a few tens of millions, which is an advantage. The second low roar like we said earlier oh low roar it could not climb the sidewalk like this car, but no, that plus points for this side already, go rough road things already. But the lower chassis is more stable, sitting we have a certain stability, this is also a plus point. And this car is because it's short, it's more compact, so the way to move in the inner city it will be a bit easier than this MPV, of course only a little, almost the radius of the ring the roundabout of the two cars is only about 10cm apart, not to 10cm it's not too bad right? But anyway, I think it should still add 1 point to this car.

Because this car is cheaper, plus 1 point already, but not all, it also has one more that is more equipped. For example, as simple as we can see right away it's the rear wheel of a car like this equipped with hydraulic disc brakes, while the other MPV is only equipped with drum brakes. Of course, its performance is not too different, but it is aesthetically clear that this hydraulic disc brake will be more beautiful, right?

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: 7-seater Sedan or MPV 4

Now let's go inside, let's see what are the advantages of the two cars? We're going in here.

Entering the interior, because the MPV always has a wheelbase larger than the Sedan somewhere around 20 inches, so we always have a very spacious seat and have to 7 seats. For example, this car, for example, has the flexibility to push the seat up and down and the third row is still very comfortable, something that no other sedan can have, and that's why when the business translates case, opening a transportation company, a company or carrying a family, in short, needing a versatile utility that is still beautiful, these 7 seats should have added up to 3-4 points , but for the time being let's add 1 point. But do you recognize me that no, when buying the same car a little more money on you will get more spacious compartment, then carry more people, it is a great thing, especially those who But many families often have to travel far to the countryside, and especially the transport companies that use this vehicle are always more versatile and get the choice it desires. Speaking of gasoline a bit, it's a bit rambling to gasoline, this car doesn't cost much more than the other sedan if not to say is even more economical, that's also a point. plus must be added right?

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: 7-seater Sedan or MPV 5

Another thing that a lot of other Sedans are, is actually not a bit but a waste of why, because the rear seats do not have that air conditioner, especially in Saigon or summer in the North it's hot, do you recognize me it's hot? Well, there's an air conditioner it's so big like this, behind it it solves so many problems, it's cool in the second and third rows. This is definitely a plus point for MPVs with air conditioners, but for cars that don't have MPV or SUV, they have to deduct 18 points right? Plus 1 point for this air conditioner, cool, spacious, crowded. As for the space that is so crowded and spacious, I almost saw it break, it is a point too strong for us not to think about the other cars 4-5 places anymore, right?

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater 6

Then in the upper row or even below the lower row because a high-powered MPV car always has a clear view of it, easier to observe, easier to see, more happy. That is why most Vietnamese people in Vietnam today prefer high cars, I wonder if they like high cars, but my friends almost always "I like high cars because they look airy and comfortable. roof, ”recognizing the high car ever sitting posture it is more happy, spacious, more comfortable, more comfortable and when its viewing angle is also very good. This is also a plus point for cars like this high ground.

As for equipping the above features such as Cruise Control, electronic balance, lights and other things, in short, is quite complete. But of course, the other Sedan has advantages, now we will go to the Sedan to see how the advantage over this MPV, and those advantages are worth trading or not? Please.

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater 7

Enter the interior compartment of sedans like this, especially the sedans from Japan, you will see one thing is not to criticize it is tight, it is still very wide, sitting extremely proud. If compared with the above segments of some car brands such as from the US, for example, even the higher segment is not as wide as cars like this of Japan and Japan, they always make a very space. is delicious. But still have to lose, lose the other car, the other car has already accumulated points, the other car is wider because it has three rows of seats. But this and that, it is not as high as the other car, it gets the stability when sitting in the front and especially sitting behind, going the roads that are a bit difficult for example a mountain pass Zic zig a bit, this car it does not shake too much, it does not float too much, it will make the people in the car feel called less hangover, especially those whose family is poor or If you are prone to motion sickness, you can sit in tall cars that are teetering as much as MPVs. So this low position is not as good as the other one when it is difficult to climb the sidewalk on the roads, but it has the stability, it must add 1 point for this low roar, it is worth adding. 1 point.

If this one doesn't have air conditioning, it will add points to that car. The ceiling is a bit low, it is a point that the other car has also been added points, do not know yet but this is a little low ceiling. The best thing about the MPV that this car does not have is that it is wide and it can carry 7 people, it is the most happy, the most practical. I wonder if you guys watched this video, did you think you should choose a Sedan or should you choose another car? But for me, my purpose and then my economic ability, if I choose, I will choose the other 7-seat, it is more practical, it has just gone to work and things, that's that. I will summarize it later in the video. Now I will go to the upper row to see if this car has anything cool, please.

Regarding the special interior at the top, both cars are the same plastic, a lot of plastic. To say that plastic is not true, but plastic segments like this have been very commendable, because it offers persistence. If you compare even a luxury car made of leather or something really good, then after about 10 years this car is still the same plastic, not scratched at all unless you take a knife. Incision, it is very durable. Well, those cars were oxidized and they got damaged, they got downgraded. The most recent car I say is a brand from the UK, I don't want to mention the brand name to avoid misunderstanding, the car is the brand whose interior is down very fast, down very fast. Well, this car is just like the other car, it's plastic, but it's durable, this plastic is brutally durable. I have just made a video of the Altis after 11 years of use in this place it is still intact, intact sun exposure is really brutal, to say it is durable.

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater 8

Then what's next with this sedan? Because it is a segment car that can be said to be a bit smaller, it is more advantageous in equipment. For example, this new car for example, it has 7 airbags already, and the other car has 2 safety is important. Particularly, this airbag may have to add 2-3 points but stop being fair, we still add 1 point only, 7 airbags are safer then the equipment of cars like this today is also full. already. If people used to say that their brands' cars had nothing wrong, no, now they have changed, they have equipped a lot already, a lot already.

Of course I have to say it again, not you guys threw stones at me, a lot of people stoned me as uh 7 airbags but no airbag exploded. Well, in some cases it was something right, but I had to remove the gauze a little bit as I had taken off the airbags of these two cars and I detonated it, I fired myself. If it explodes, it will explode. It means that the airbag can explode, I wonder if it doesn't explode when it collapses, it must be some authority and authority and so on and so forth, I could not stand up and say that this car no one dared to say because this car did not explode or explode. If only that car had 7 people and had 4 more airbags, it would be nicer, a little more expensive than I was willing to pay.

And this area is sitting in the view, it is true that the Sedan can not be happy with a high-rise car, the ceiling is a bit cramped, but it still ensures the spaciousness and relatively comfortable, reasonable. .

So we've got the point of both cars in terms of so-called usability and so-called equipment. Then you don't know which car you have chosen here? For me, just for me personally, if you have your own opinion, please comment below, and for me personally, I am slightly inclined to MPV as I said before. Why is that? Because it brings comfort, Vietnamese people now like high cars because in the South, it is often flooded, and roads in Vietnam do not have to be as smooth as overseas. go bumpy or go on the sidewalk of things, it is also less mercy, it is less car. The second thing is that the Vietnamese people are really poor and pragmatic, so to be cautious, to be careful and dress up is something we should have, so I saved two. If you don't use it, you can leave it in the third row. I still have a very large trunk, even bigger than this car, it is too much to save if in the case of friends or family, grandparents who visit or do business like How, especially business, there are two more places where it is too preeminent, people will prioritize cars like that. That's my personal choice, don't tell me I'm imposing or anything, I still really like the Sedan. This car gives it a youthful feel and it is relatively comfortable in terms of operation and so on and so forth. Of course, some cars like this are equated to taxis, so many people are afraid that "you run a taxi?" It's okay, but obviously running a car, just shaking the MPV I said, service, service than this because 7 seats, even able to run family, still majestic still, I had a video of the car like that is very good, still very young personality, it is not too famous as a service car. The car that was bought to make a taxi sounds like it sounds like that, so I like the style that it is more versatile, I like young people, like the street look beautiful, sparkling, right? , nightclub and then go bar floor something, that ride is still beautiful, still very young. But when I go on a Taxi, no one looks at me, no one looks at me, even I have to park a car from afar, that kind of thing. So that's my hobby and that's my choice, don't you guys think of it? Now I will get into the car so that I can operate to see if these two cars have any advantages or disadvantages, I will try to run the two cars to see how it is!

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater 9

Then now we will experience this Sedan. In terms of power, the two cars are the same, of course, sedans like this have been equipped with a gearbox recently, and the other one is granted, it is. I will tell a story later. And I'm talking about the power is equal but the Sedan like this is always lighter, for example, it must be 100kg lighter somewhere around. That's a very large number, very large so the power is equal but this car will be more flexible, more loading, lower roar, more stable driving, this steering wheel I also prefer than the MPV that. Then the driving feeling is a more enjoyable Sedan, plus points, stronger, more flexible. Sit while we zigzag continuously even at high speed things like this cornering it more stable. Roaring is good, but it's low, it's stable, lots of good things, Sedan is also something very interesting. This car, CVT gearbox especially go in the city, it will help me smoother, quieter, accelerate very gently. That is another plus point for this Sedan.

Regarding the things that wriggle about everything in the city, I've already told you guys so there probably won't need to be repeated and added points. This car is quite flexible, in short, operating when operating this vehicle, especially those from Japan in general, there is nothing to discuss, because it is simple, in short, good, quite good. healed. For example, this car, I do not see this Cruise Control, maybe a point must be added to the other car because the Cruise Control is a very good one, without Cruise Control it is a bit wasteful. Of course there are cars available, some cars are not equipped, just add money to it, I did not compare exactly which two cars are with each other, I'm just comparing are two different segment cars such as So, which car will we choose to serve the job well? Well, the pros and the downsides of these two lines, I have said a lot already, are there any more advantages on the Sedan like this? Probably over. Now we will try to see if the MPV is 7-seat high, will it have any advantages over this car?

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater 10

Here we will test this MPV now see how? Just as we talked about gearbox engines earlier, this car cannot load and is as flexible as the other Sedan because of its heavier weight and equal power. However, it has a 4-speed gearbox, of course this level it is not much, even to say a little. But to talk about a pragmatic vehicle, this 4-speed gearbox is reasonable, especially it will be better than the other CVT when we operate on a steep hill but carry heavy loads, we take the initiative. in terms of number of things it gives you flexibility and it makes sense that that's the advantage. Of course, there are many people who argue with each other, yes, I prefer CVT, many people argue that I prefer gradated gear, so this is for us to make a separate video about gearbox and What would it be like in any case, not something that is absolutely optimal. Because of that, this segment of the car they will choose this type, the other segment of the car they will choose that type, and choosing the right one, it will make sense that the whole vehicle, and if it is wrong, it will So crazy. That's why it was born that kind, but there is no kind that is born optimal at all. However, this car is optimized for many things such as spacious travel and passenger service, then family, that's the most valuable thing in this MPV line, certainly is the most worth money. Next is that this one has Cruise Control, the other does not have it, in the case of going far, going a long way there, we have this a lot more profitable, save fuel and it will leisurely foot, That is a very good one.

This car says to go back to say it is high roar and it was a bit stalled when sitting behind. But when sitting like this it looks good, it dread, dread is not right but it monitors it from above, so it feels safe and comfortable. And when I cross the flooded roads like the high tide in Saigon or the potholes or the sidewalks, I am very confident, very confident, the height is almost equal to an SUV. There are even some SUVs just a little bit more around this one, this one is 200mm, 205, which is too reasonable, but too tall, it is only reserved to go .. okay, but also moderately high, it is still possible to walk on difficult roads and remain flexible in city roads and normal roads. That is a multi-purpose, good calculation, but if it is inclined to be high in SUV, it will be too SUV, but the SUV has to look like an SUV but the SUV is in an MPV, it's not good, Well, that's the plus point of this car.

Over 600 Million Buy New Car: Sedan Or MPV 7 Seater 11

Regarding the storage compartment, the recent MPV series they have shown are extremely accurate in the multi-purpose segment, it is applicable to the smallest details, it is a storage compartment for many storage compartments, cup holders. , to bag, to the furniture everywhere is very convenient. You have more space to store your belongings, which is also a point worth talking about, very worth adding points to the MPV. In terms of performance, I think the MPV is superior, superior to it, let alone a little, we have too many things. Of course, at this stage, we will ramble from the beginning of the video a lot, but for me, it is very clear that at this price, we do not need a nice car or Anyway, because at this price, a Sedan is beautiful, it's not a good fighter. But in this budget range, the segment that we need the utility utility, versatile even practical, carrying many people, reasonable price, many people but still spacious, reasonable cost of use. , gas mileage. That said, I still have to say it is still beautiful, still beautiful. I don't know what you think about these two segments, and these two cars, let us know by commenting below we will discuss more about which cars to choose to suit your needs. bridge. And you said it is always your need to do that you choose a car!

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