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6 Billion Buying Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7 Surf

And this car runs extremely fast, just rolls around and calls it through the market to go back 4,000km, how much do you know? 6.8 billion.

Buy a Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7

Hello everyone, today came to MT Auto to buy a car but I really do not know which car to choose, seeing these two is so good, can you choose to help me? I wonder if you guys remember what these two are? This child must be easy to remember this BMW X7 2019 full option with the Sport package with many brands inside. And this is a super terrible car, this car is a Range Rover SV Autobiography with a 5.0 engine, the other only 3.0 this 5.0. That is why, although the other child is born in 2019, this car is produced from 2015 to 2016, but this car is still more expensive than this car. Range Rover is selling at MT Auto for this SV is 9.8 billion, and this car runs extremely fast, just rolling through the market and then going back 4,000 km, how much do you know? 6.8 billion. It means that I bought this car registered and almost new and there is almost no cost to register it reasonably, the price is too fragrant. Now which one to choose? This one is more expensive, right, this one is 3 billion more expensive because its engine is better and the Range Rover brand many people will think it will be better, yes exactly. Now I will go together to find out what this one has and what it has more money than money and should choose which one.

Buy a Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7

Firstly about the engine, as I said, this car is a 3.0 engine and has more than 300 horsepower capacity, now I don't talk about the capacity of things anymore, the 3.0 engine tax it will be cheaper, which Such power for me has experienced a lot of it in excess in Vietnam, overused, very powerful, very delicious 8-speed gearbox.

Buy a Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7

As for this child, the 5.0 engine is too redundant in Vietnam, but it is brilliant, it is class, the problem is that many times when I prove my class, I have to bring money to burn to be class. Well then, if a gas planter buys this one, it tastes a little good, also has an 8-speed gearbox, of course this animal is much more volatile. However, this one is deeper, it will not be like the recent Range Rover I introduce as the lights are full of things and its layout will be more technology and modern than the light. hey it's a bit old compared to the new version a bit. But to say whether it is bad or not, to me I don't think it's ugly, if anyone is bad, please tell me what car you are riding, please comment what car you are riding and why you say it is bad. . As for me, the form that has evolved into this life of Range Rover is still very beautiful. Cam 360 sensing things are very complete, and we have a sea called beautiful all the cards are always beautiful 6886 Phat Phat Loc, only this sea has tons of money.

Buy a Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7

Next to this side, we have newer technologies of course, the juniors born after the led lights are not lasers, ladies and gentlemen, the laser, this cluster must be green. , this is silver. Still full of all the technology, not missing anything, 360 cam and everything. But the LED cluster on this X7 is not the same as on the X5, X5 between the led and the laser are two almost different designs, the laser is much nicer. Then the LED on this X7 is still extremely smooth and extremely beautiful, it is not much different from the layout of the laser, only a little different is that instead of the silver inside, the laser will be the color. green, inside you can see it's silver.

Buy a Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7

Moving on to the bodywork, you will see that the BMW X7 is a bit smaller than the Long Wheelbase Range Rover SV version. However, the 22-inch BMW X7 wheels with the M SPORT logo are not inferior to this Range Rover, and the 22-inch wheels are quite nice compared to the previous years but now we look very familiar. However, we have Brembo brakes, Brembo brakes are the most standard brand brake in the line of brakes, sport brakes. Air suspension for both vehicles, fully lifting and lowering.

This car, you can see it will be called a little older because it has been 3 years in use anyway. In terms of equipment, perhaps we go to the rear of the car, the rear of the car, we will see that the LED cluster of the Range Rover SV version of this previous generation is quite simple compared to what. But recently we've seen on cars like the X7, the new Range Rover, or even the LS, it looks a bit worse. And on the X7 we have a very standard led wire, and of course both have the trunk stones, I left the keys in the trunk of the car so I won't be able to kick. And the X7 version, as you know it is a 7-seat version or we call the 6-seat more reasonable. Of course, the X7's third row of seats is also not extremely spacious to sit. And on this 2015 Range Rover SV Autobiography, we also have a third row of seats but it's not too wide, sorry this car is a 4-seater version so the trunk behind it will be very wide. not a 6-seater version like the X7. Here is a very wide trunk, you can see not very large, it is also a good choice.

6 Billion Buying Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7 Surf 1

Then we will get into the interior of the 2015 Range Rover to see how, we will get to the front seats first. The doorstep is full, I will start the engine, my 5.0 engine explodes, so good, this is it, in short, the special big-box Range Rover and SV are not. It has to be the right form, guys, it's not beans that are roasted, good, and sweet like this. I will look at the leather seats to see how bad it is, here look at this leather chair, this side seems to be less sitting or why it still looks quite new. Here, the skin is probably touching a lot or the skin itself is wrinkled like this, here you notice. This screen of Range Rover, I do not like this, this one I criticize, because if you consider the common ground of a car with this price, but this screen is a bit dim because of life. before that. Even if I enter that R, you will see, look at the camera, it is not really happy about the definition, right? The wooden buttons here are still very smooth, the wood is beautiful and the wood is good. Panoramic sunroof, the ceiling is always leather upholstery. In short, the technology is still quite complete on this 2015 SV version, there are only a few so-called small screens like the screen I think will not be equal to the X7, then but the skin type. If you touch or sit a lot, it will not be as new as the X7 because the other X7 only runs 4,000 km. But in return you will find the seat behind you will find it very good.

Because this car is 3 billion more expensive than the other X7 so for comparison, it is a bit lame, but today I bought a used car so my brothers kept pulling it out to discuss which car we would choose. I have a lot of money to worry about. On this SV, you will see that the Vip level is only 4 seats and the back is completely empty, and here it is also a compartment where there is no place to sit. You will see a full wooden panel and press the button to open the table of things here, you probably know that I will not reopen, opening it takes a long time. This full wooden panel, in short, the luxury of things, this Range Rover SV still has something it calls class. This full leather ceiling, this Meridian speaker, the speaker is all delicious, the full curtain is lacking. Now I will go to the X7 to see how? First, we will go down to the rear seat in front to see if it works out well like this!

6 Billion Buying Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7 Surf 2

Here we invite you to the rear seat of the BMW X7 less than 3 billion, so it is impossible to say, very succinctly. We still have curtains, Alcantara ceilings, sunroof I will open, the full Alcantara ceiling, and the other is leather, both of which bring luxury. We don't have a pedestal here to offer the luxury, but instead of the base it's a platform to climb back up. But the layout of the X7's chair is also very airy, but its quality is not equal, sitting behind it looks a bit like no Vip, I don't know what words to use. Even though there are screens and air-conditioning doors that regulate things, in short it's still good, in fact if I sit alone in the BMW X7, I think it's really a very standard, but it's next to one. if it is still an SV, it will not be called as doing as many extravagances or splendid things as that SV. There is still enough armroom but in this area I find it not as good as the luxury cars, the luxury cars this area is a bit more lavish, it likes it better. Why is it like this, because there are two seats behind it so making this area quite similar to a MPV? Regarding the speakers, this car is a BMW speaker, which is also extremely good, the wood panel is beautiful all the way, the wood I see later on I see it beautiful. Here we go.

6 Billion Buying Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7 Surf 3

About the luxurious X7 rear seats can not be equal to SV, that's for sure. And on the up here, it's something I really like because first it has a lot of technology, second it's extremely modern, third it's hard to explain but it's very impressive. with me. Look at this wood, the wood paneling yet, how beautiful is this wood, the wood is black, then it has white veins, then it is coated with the gear lever and the knobs, this one, you My brother knows, all beautiful. Really is this BMW area look quality, very quality. We have an entire area in front of the screen in front of this screen, this screen is a screen compared to the SV just now, it's much nicer, here I go to the 360 cam for you. Look, it snaps it like this, it's really beautiful. And yet it also has a screen on this side, the screen on this side is also much nicer, much nicer. We have a technology here, push the button here to keep the lane, keep the distance, press the steering wheel to spin the steering wheel, then this car brings things that are really very technology compared to the other. life 2015. But to say whether the other is poor or not, it's still something very cool. Actually, it is difficult to choose now, but this one is cheaper than the 3 billion, only 6.8 billion, the other 9.8 billion.

6 Billion Buying Used Car! Choose Range Rover SV or BMW X7 Surf 4

Now maybe I do not need to try, you are like how you compared the two cars it already. If it were me at this moment, I had a surplus of more than 10 billion just to buy a car, regardless of the other, the money is only for buying cars, seeing these two cars today is highly likely with this type of car. youthful style and like technology like me, I will lean towards the BMW X7. I am not a cheap hamster, I see firstly that the production is newer just finished, secondly it also has a relatively good reduction because this one has just traveled 4,000km and bought them. We have to come down to see if it is nearly a billion, right? Next is the engine, this engine is the one that many overseas newspapers have evaluated and it is the best engine in the world in 2019, what else is there to discuss? And this engine to me is a fit, the 5.0 engine is amazing, but for my running style and for my taste it's a bit more redundant than this engine. The sound, equipment and leather seats, sunroof, everything about the luxury, luxury, happiness, for me this X7 is not inferior to the other, but even with personality. I like this X7 more, it gives freshness, and the other one is a bit extravagant. If it were a new life, it was a different story.

That you will choose which of these two cars with the price that I said X7 6.8 billion Ms. Range Rover SV Autobiography 2015 price 9.8 billion, please comment below for us to exchange, and Remember to say the reason why you guys chose a car! Don't forget to Subscribe our Youtube channel click the bell button to subscribe to the videos more often. And now I go to MT Auto again to see if there are cool cars making videos for you. Bye.

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