5 Questions About Corolla Cross Only Drivers 'Dare' Answers

5 questions about Corolla Cross

5 Questions About Corolla Cross Only Drivers 'Dare' Answers 2

1. Toyota Vietnam is "Pasting" or "Curing Embarrassment"

Toyota has just launched the Corolla Cross with 3 versions G, V and HV with prices of 720, 810 and 910 million VND respectively.

On July 9, 7 in Bangkok, Thailand Toyota launched the Corolla Cross global version, but after only 2020 month this car was available in Vietnam. However, it is a much longer plan of Toyota, so it is "pampering" or "curing embarrassment".

The moment a year before Toyota launched Avanza, Rush and Wigo with a lot of expectations. Avanza shouldered the responsibility left by Innova when many new and cheaper competitors were born such as Xpander, Suzuki XL7. Rush is known as mini Fortuner, Toyota logo and import and export mark. According to calculations, this will be an advantage for Rush to stir up the market. Wigo has to break the two-horse position of Kia morning, which has existed for decades.

However, after only 1 year, Avanza regularly reached the top, Rush had sales not as expected. With Wigo even had to change a lot to break the dual code position of i10 and Morning. In summary, it can be seen that Toyota's campaign to launch 3 low-cost models in 2019 has been a bit of a failure because this is 2020, but durable and cheap has never been the trend of consumers. So a new strategy was tested on the Camry and then concretized with the Corolla Cross.

It can be seen that Toyota has changed very timely. Looking at the Safety Sense package with a lot of features: blind spot warning system, lane departure warning, cross-traffic alert, 360 camera, adaptive cruise control, automatic low beams, etc., it is enough to see that Those who buy Toyota 2020 cars are very lucky. Therefore, after analyzing, it can be said that this is a plan that both pampers and cures embarrassment, with a change suitable for Vietnamese people.

2. “Names of versions? Which car version should I buy?

Toyota Cross has 3 versions G, V and HV. With the cheapest price of 720 million for the G version. The G version is the cheap version, but when you spend the money to own this car, the equipment is only basic.

With the Hybrid version priced at VND 910 million, it is undeniable that the advantages of the Hybrid engine with the environment are quite high, but the price is quite high because the battery replacement cost is very expensive, making many people doubtful.

With the HV version, Toyota's message is not sales but wants to convey to consumers that they can create good models, leading advanced technologies. If you are determined to buy the Corolla Cross, the V version is the wisest choice with a price of 810 million VND, not too high like the HV version but still full of safety technologies in the Safety Sense package, 2-zone air conditioning, sunroof, 18 inch wheels. 

3. “Which segment does the Corolla Cross belong to?”

Corolla Cross has a wheelbase of 2640mm, which if you look at Honda's parameters similar to the HRV 2610mm and Honda CRV 2660mm, it can be ranked in the C- as well as B + segments. However, the above numbers are ratings in terms of size, and Vietnamese people have often bought cars by price. With the price of 810 million V version, Corolla Cross really is no longer a B-class sedan segment.

4. “Which car part does the Corolla Cross compete for”?:

Kia Seltos has a price for the most advanced version with a price of 719 million VND, which is equal to the price of the lowest Corolla Cross version. If that's the case, then Corolla Cross will lose. However, the most worth buying version is the V version, so these two cars will not be stepped on each other, each car in a separate customer group because the difference of 2 million VND is not small. With Hyundai Kona is similar, so in theory, the real opponents are models in the C-class Crossover segment such as Hyundai Tucson or Mazda CX100.

If you look at the price of 810 million, it is also on par with the standard Mazda CX5, Corolla Cross is only more than Toyota Safety Sense safety equipment and the standard CX5 is still a true C-class car with a large overall size. , larger ground clearance, not to mention options such as electronic handbrake or 19-inch rims.

5. “Should I buy a Corolla Cross at the moment”?

It must be affirmed that the Toyota Cross is a model worth buying when it was just launched in Thailand and is now available in Vietnam. For the first time Toyota brought back a model without cutting any equipment. However, there are some customers who are forced to buy an additional accessory package of about 70 million dong, so we should wait a little longer.

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