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Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In The Segment

Today we will explore the experience of a relatively new model Hyundai Huycent. However, most people are familiar with the name Huyndai Accent and it seems to be more convenient so I also call it Accent so that it is easy to pronounce in Vietnamese.

Huyndai Accent 2018 is in the segment of Grade B competitive with many competitors. And perhaps this is also a very exciting and competitive segment with names such as Honda City, Toyota Vios, Nissan Sunny, Mazda 2, Ford Fiesta, Suzuki Ciaz and even VW Polo.

Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Reviews Overpowering All Competitors In Segment 1

We will emphasize one thing that Accent is competing with rivals at extremely attractive prices from only 425 million and up to 540 million, Accent has nothing or any advantages to compete with rivals. then we will find out later.

If the previous-generation Accent model had a slightly strange design, the new Accent adjusted its appearance to be more rigid thanks to the adoption of a new design language. Accent 2018 looks like a miniature of the new Hyundai Elantra model. The vehicle is optimized aerodynamically, smoothly and dynamically with the sloping rear roof of the sports cup line.

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Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In Segment 2

The head of the Accent 2018 is more powerful thanks to the Cascadin grille design with a cross-pen lamp holder. Chrome-plated details adorn the exterior. The car uses Projector headlights and fog lamps, while LED daytime position lights.

3D led taillights are quite impressive with a similar shape to Elantra taillights. Besides the external rearview mirror integrated turn signal LED is also a scoring factor for a sample of knitting grade B.

Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In Segment 3

Entering the first impression with Accent 2018 is to use 2 colors of black and be contrasting, both luxurious and warm. Version 1.4 AT in the post experience the felt chair. The driver's seat not only adjusts the backrest angle, but also adjusts the seat height to create a comfortable sitting posture.

The dashboard and center console area are slightly oriented towards the driver. The materials used create quite pleasant feeling. Some parts of plastic tiles are painted with lead color to make them feel like they are harmonized with real metal. We can say very satisfied with the steering wheel of the Accent is smooth leather. Medium sizes for handle grip.

Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Reviews Overpowering All Competitors In Segment 4

Steering wheel integrated audio and conversation buttons. The scoring details are the engine start engine start stop button. Under the watch layout is 3.5 inch LCD screen that gives some necessary information for the driver. While the center console has a touch screen 7 inch multimedia control integrated navigation map specifically developed for Vietnam. Along with the display of reverse camera to assist the driver when parking.

The Accent experience using mechanical conditioning. However on the most advanced version is equipped with automatic air conditioning. In the back seat, the 1m75 tall person can still sit comfortably enough. Especially because the hood extends wide back so creates more space on the head. This makes the interior compartment wider and more open than competitors models with traditional ce-style design.
Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Overpowering All Rivals In Segment 5

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Length x Width x Height (mm): 4,440 x 1,729 x 1,460

Base shaft: 2,600 mm

Ground clearance: 150 mm

Engine: KAPPA 1,368 cc

Capacity: 100 PS @ 6,000 rpm

Maximum torque: 132 Nm @ 4,000 rpm

Transmission: 6-speed automatic

Drive system: FWD front axle

Front - Rear Brake: Disk - Disc

Front - Rear Tires: 185 / 65R15 - 185 / 65R15

Fuel tank capacity: 45 liters.

Yes, I am driving, driving with the steering wheel of Huyndai Accent 2018. Today, we also experienced the car on many different terrains. In an urban driving environment and also driving on highways.

Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In Segment 6

Then the Accent 2018 is equipped with a 1.4-liter petrol engine, I also emphasize that in the current B-segment ce with rivals to this Accent, almost all other models are equipped with dynamic. Engine equipped with 1.5 liters. Particularly Accent only 1.4 liter engine. Engine for 100 horsepower and 132 Nm torque.

Compared to the competition, the Accent's engine seems a bit weaker, the indicators of torque are a bit lower. However, that may be beneficial in saving fuel. A smaller displacement engine could theoretically be more fuel efficient.

Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In Segment 7

The first impression about the driving feeling of the Accent is that I have a good appreciation for the chassis and the ability to soundproof. For a B-class knitting car like the Accent, the soundproofing capability I evaluate is good. Next to Accent is a good overview.

In the driver's position, the vehicle is comfortable. And the A column design is not obscuring the view. This also makes driving easy. The Accent steering is an electric power steering. And the impression that I like this steering wheel is because it is covered with leather and the grip on the steering wheel makes it feel comfortable and can be friendly right from the first time.

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Yes and combined with the 1.4-liter engine, the Accent is equipped with a six-speed automatic transmission. This is also a difference on Accent. Because most car manufacturers today tend to use multiple CVT gearboxes.

The previous Accent itself also used the CVT gearbox and now switches to a six-speed automatic transmission. If a well-designed six-speed automatic transmission is better, I still prefer it and it also offers a smooth shift without losing the CVT gearbox. And it is this Accent's gearbox that I value the low speed range, I say first, at low speed from 80 km / h back, it gives a very good operating feeling.

Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Reviews Overpowering All Competitors In Segment 8

And this feels good, it's almost impossible to feel the gear shift it's not as jumpy as the old-fashioned 4-speed or 5-speed gearbox. Yes, this is an advantage. However, when running up at high speeds, especially at high speeds, I think this gearbox still has a slight lag, especially at the speed of 80 km / h to 120 km / h. This means that when in some driving situations on the road you want to pass another vehicle, the rider must step on the accelerator pedal a little bit deeper, perhaps around 4000.

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And this is to accommodate the torque. The torque of this engine reaches its peak at 4000 rpm and that is also reflected clearly in the driving feel.

Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In Segment 9

We also performed a zic zac test that constantly redirected through the signals to show that this Accent electronic intervention system reacted effectively.

That helps the Accent when constantly changing direction it does not get ready, no skid sounds, ensuring a sudden change of direction for driving. And also, the steering wheel is also light so this feels quite interesting when driving zac zac.

Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In Segment 10

In the B-segment of the B-class, Hyundai Hyundai Accent 2018 has many leading utilities in the segment. Notably, such as smart headlamps and automatic wipers, power tailgate, reversing camera, safety features such as IXP electronic balance, traction control TCF, car body anti-skid system VSM.

The Accent experience costs 499 million. And if customers spend an additional 41 million VND on the highest-end Accent table, the price of 540 million VND will have more utilities such as seat upholstery, sunroof, 16-inch sportier wheels, cruise control control and six airbags.

Review Hyundai ACCENT 2018 Dominates All Rivals In Segment 11

In one day, we also had the practical experience of Hyundai Accent 2018 in many different traffic conditions in an overview, then we have an evaluation like this: Accent 2018 has a rather catchy design. eye, aerodynamic and also modern with the new language of Hyundai.

The interior of the car is probably also spacious. Another advantage is equipped with a lot of comfort technology and this brings practical practical value to the user. We highly appreciate that this is the price from VND 420 million to VND 540 million. So is with so many so many competitive advantages. And we believe that in the near future Huyndai Accent will be a very good selling car on the market.

Yes, and today we would like to thank Huyndai Truong Chinh for lending us the Huyndai Accent to experience and give you an appreciation of the first impressions and hopefully somewhat. That helps you from learning to buying a car.

 Thank you and see you again in the next review program!

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