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Video giải 15 đề thi lý thuyết giấy phép lái xe oto 2021 (có phần mềm) 1

Video of 15 oto theory driving test questions in year (with software)

Download the software for the test of driver's theory test (running right on the computer, no installation required) here:


Instructions for making 15 driving test exam questions are included in the software in detail (with clear explanations of each sentence and each topic).

This set of threads based on The latest 450 driving test theory questions 4 Applicable for driving licenses of grades B1, B2, C, D, E, F.

The document set is very enthusiastic Mr. Diep Tuan Anh It is designed to help you save time to study and be confident in passing the test with confidence.

Link to the video stream to watch live:

Click View The Decoding Video Set of Mr. Diep Tuan Anh


In parallel to remember and understand the theory quickly, you remember to look through it 11 practice tests in B2 here: https://truongdaotaolaixehcm.com/huong-dan-bai-thi-sat-hach-lai-xe-oto-hcm/

P / S: In addition, according to the students' suggestions, we share more to you the explanation video series of Lotus Library on how to solve 15 problems Car driving test examination. This series is also appreciated by many students for accuracy and ease of understanding in presentation.

Watch the Disarming Video Set Of The Lotus Library

Good luck with the exam!


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